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bobby a insane funny person who is nice and caring but if you annoy him and his friends you should hope you live near a hospital :)
that bobby is a insane child
by bob 7 June 02, 2014
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An amazing person who will always fight for what he loves. He is passionate and sweet. Loves animals and children. He is a man's man, usually a mechanic or outdoorsman. He can fix just about anything, but knows how to ask for help if he needs it. He is an amazing cook and a good listener, but has a strong side to balance out his tender side. Ever the vigilant protector, he is always ready to pounce on those who threaten what he loves. Every girl in town (and their mom) is in love with him, and those who say they aren't, secretly are. Those who REALLY aren't, should be. He wrestles bears, alligators and sharks all at once, and wins. Chuck Norris is jealous of him. In short, a Bobby is the most manly of all men.
1. Ethel: Dang, that Bobby just fixed my car, punched a rhino, and cooked an awesome dinner for 50 people in one day. What a beast. I wish he was mine.

Betty: Too bad, cause I called first dibs! *catfight ensues*

Shirley: Ladies, ladies, please....everyone knows he's MINE. *joins fight*

Kat: *stands to the side with a smug expression on face because he's hers already*
by Kat93 August 23, 2011
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A man whose dick is so large, when inserted into your vagina, it exits your mouth at the same time.
Stacy: Man, Bobbys dick is so big, he came on my face last night...while fucking me from behind!

Shelley: Wow, I wish I was fucking a Bobby.
by DickQueen August 11, 2016
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A Bobby is loyal at all times, strong and reliable. Often selfless but with great fighting abilites that can come in handy when protecting friends as well as one self.

To their friends they're known to be "a rock", someone they can trust and know will support them if times get tough. At times they may be lazy but many a time it is the opposite. But most of all, a Bobby is nice
Ex 1
- You look very tired, want a sip of my coke?
- Oh you're so nice, you're a Bobby!

Ex 2
See supernatural Bobby Singer

Ex 3

See "Seadevil" at
by Vendelareader March 28, 2013
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The most sweet and caring guy you will ever meet. Very kind and never leaves anyone out. Tries to bring a smile to people's faces. The most gorgeous guy you will ever see. They usually play football and are very athletic. People will often call him gay because he's sometimes open about his feelings. Any girl would be lucky to have a Bobby.
Girl: Hey, look at Bobby over there, he's so gorgeous.

Girl 2: Back off, he's mine!
by ncbvio February 08, 2013
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