50 definitions by Crystal

a big or giant size penis
gay guy 1:man dude ur man ham is to big to fit im my anus
gay guy 2:shit is is a real live man ham isnt it
by Crystal December 28, 2004
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what you can say when you are really pissed or just cant find a word to express how you feel.
Poo! I cand find my electric toothbrush.
Poo on a stick! I had F***ing Freshman!
by Crystal February 08, 2005
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1. retarded ugly troll dog
2.its what u would call the walking bag of std's that considers herself a thesbian
by the way all those fucking losers at alvarez high that think they' re gothic, need to either get a life or die imidiatly so that the rest of the world can go on knowing that the freaks and mistakes have all gone away and have been taken care of (shot)
look at that walking bag os std's
ya shes a fucking loser
ya she looks like a retugly trog
by Crystal May 29, 2003
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saves the day is fucking awsome! anyone that dissagrees can felch off!
by Crystal May 29, 2003
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A Car Color Not often seen. >Rare
"Hop out looking crispy, fresh and new
In a six but it's a BM and its Pepsi blue"-Jada
by Crystal November 26, 2004
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Someone who absatins from eating meat and poultry but eats fish.
In other words: A vegetarian that eats fish.
Many people don't beleive pescatarians have a right to say they're vegetarian because fishes are animals and animals have flesh. And if you eat flash you are not a vegetarian
Person A: I don't eat meat.
Person B: You don't?! What about fish and chicken?
Person A: Well, I do eat fish.
Person B: But fish is meat! So you eat meat..
Person A: No I don't eat meat, I just eat fish!
by Crystal March 30, 2005
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