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When something/someone is extremely good/tasty/hot/sexy/etc., anything great
These cheetos are banging.
by Crystal February 12, 2004

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a nasty hoe, thats easy to get with, slut
that smut succked me off last night and i just met her
by CrYsTaL March 19, 2005

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1) a random boredom word
2) something you say while thinking
3) a gorgeous female of great power
'hm, now what was i thinking?'
by crystal April 02, 2003

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very attractive girl, very hot, sexy as hell, on a scale from 1-10 a perfect 10
As that hot girl passed every guy in the room thought "Wow look at that dyme."
by crystal May 22, 2003

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Someone who absatins from eating meat and poultry but eats fish.
In other words: A vegetarian that eats fish.
Many people don't beleive pescatarians have a right to say they're vegetarian because fishes are animals and animals have flesh. And if you eat flash you are not a vegetarian
Person A: I don't eat meat.
Person B: You don't?! What about fish and chicken?
Person A: Well, I do eat fish.
Person B: But fish is meat! So you eat meat..
Person A: No I don't eat meat, I just eat fish!
by Crystal March 30, 2005

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baba is the ukranian word for grandma
granchild: hello baba how are you?
baba(grandma): hello sweetie i am good how are you?

ex 2

me: i had to put the correct defintion of baba on urban dictionary because everyone else is wrong.

stupid person who doesnt know what baba means: oh
by crystal March 10, 2005

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Someone who is unlike anyone else. Someone perfect in every single way. He doesn't care what people think and lives life to the fullest. People wanna be like him, Crystal worships him and at the sound of his name, people bow down.
Milam is the best guy in the world and is very loveable and perfect in my eyes.
by Crystal February 12, 2004

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