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one of such conglomerates that partakes in or delegates the naming of important sea-faring vessels and is generally autocratic, though in the guise of a democracy.
by Ty February 28, 2004
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a pleasureable way of haveing sex
i have great woopy with my wife
by Ty February 21, 2003
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Something thats really cool, really fun, or really happening.
Yo, Sanford and Son was like the stupidest shit on TV yo!
by Ty February 21, 2005
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that which totally sucks/smells bad
"His presentation helluv reeked."
"It reeked of marijuana/incest."
by Ty March 12, 2003
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a term to describe the action of doing' something. It is the same as About just much better.... -ty
Wha chu "BOUTA" be doin? wha chu BOUTA do? .. Im BOUTA smoke this here bowl... -Ty
by Ty March 23, 2004
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To tan one's skin. Either buy way of sun or artificial light.
I laid out in the sun to long and got too much tizzy.

I look pale and need to go tizzy.
by Ty April 12, 2004
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An implied requirement, that is not specifically required.
It is a desirement to takeoff in under 2000 feet.
by Ty June 4, 2004
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