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To extend one hand in the air at an angle with the index finger pointing in line, while the other is pulled back as if pulling a bow string back. The pose is that of the 100m world record holder Usain Bolt.
She thought he was attractive until he started Bolting. He's good looking - but he's NO Olympic medalist!
by ayemac August 19, 2012
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when the girl is laying in bed naked and the guy is in the shower and he runs out of the shower and fucks her then gets back in; or also known as the super fast fuck
me and my girl were bolting last night. i was so tired after that
by the kid from out of town February 13, 2008
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The art of behaving somewhat obnoxious and soberly drunk. people who enjoy bolting are fans of creating loud noises and making a scene.
Oh please ignore the guy dancing on the table, he's not drunk, he's just bolting again.
by WhottaWhitt June 12, 2016
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