Something very shocking, that takes the ground off of you. Something that is mind blowing.
Some earth-shattering revalations
by vickyloka October 2, 2009
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a variation of death from above in which a cluster is targeted, creating a mass knockdown. named for the crater it leaves behind.
squad 8 took an earth shatter! there is no back up any more!!!!
by Spaz De Kat January 15, 2009
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When something is so amazing that it changes your world. Another way of saying mind blowing, or fucking amazing.
by ashack February 15, 2012
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Not your typical orgasm, but an all encompassing full body wave of pleasure that threatens to knock the pictures off the wall and Earth off its axis.
by AkRnLee October 16, 2015
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After ingesting your favorite rectum wrecker at Taco Bell, your colon screams out in a writhing pain, you then sprint to the nearest shit eater. You let out war cries of a legendary Spartan warrior and release a massive hot potato from within your poop shoot and it shatters not only the porcelain throne you are squatting on but also the core of the earth as well. Good job jack ass ya broke the earth.... I hope you are happy.
Yesterday I had Taco Bell and for the rest of my evening I had earth shattering shits.
by TSMSmurf September 4, 2015
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An MMORPG currently in it's Alpha stages developed by Armageddon Games, also referred to as AGN. The official website is ...
Shattered Earth is currently in Alpha Stages, but it is open testing.
by KJAZZ April 28, 2004
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