1. Something that you can't believe that is actually happening because you think it is that dumb.

2. False, not true.
Man, I can't believe that we have marching band practice at 8 in the morning.

I know it's completely bogus!
by bobby27104 August 14, 2011
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I wanted to get out of my cell phone contract, and they told me to BOGU.
by rob4128 April 30, 2004
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the act of being abominably fucked up; someone with a flat ass
Wow, that girl just bit me. She is sooo bogus.

My ass is flatter than a pancake. I'm sooo bogus.
by gangstergirl17 December 25, 2010
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Bogus is a word going back a couple hundred years which refered to counterfeit money and anything else that's fake. It also means wrong, uncool, unfair, unreal, off, messed up. Popularized in the late '80's and early '90's by Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure in which Bill and Ted frequently refer to things as bogus.
That's bogus!
He filed a bogus insurance claim.
She said it was real money but it was bogus.
via giphy
by Artemis Plant September 14, 2016
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sounds like: (bow-gus)

1. a fruit tingily sensation you get while taking advil.
2. an insult refering to a person that has done something retarded.
3. a girl that is orange and fake.
4. a word to describe something outragous or out of the ordinary.
1. When I was taking my pill this morning it felt bogus.
2. Dude I can't believe you did that, you were so bogus.
3. Oh that girl is so bogus!
4. Oh my holy bogus!
by wereaba May 15, 2009
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