the act of being abominably fucked up; someone with a flat ass
Wow, that girl just bit me. She is sooo bogus.

My ass is flatter than a pancake. I'm sooo bogus.
by gangstergirl17 December 25, 2010
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Undesirable; unacceptable; used to express either profound or mild disappointment.

Can also means "fake" or "counterfeit".
1. "Iron Maiden have cancelled?! Bogus!"

2. "You killed a bunch of people? That is bogus, dude!"
by Radio Star September 19, 2020
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A word that an adult will try to use to act rad
This math homework is bogus!
by johnny boswith November 20, 2007
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sounds like: (bow-gus)

1. a fruit tingily sensation you get while taking advil.
2. an insult refering to a person that has done something retarded.
3. a girl that is orange and fake.
4. a word to describe something outragous or out of the ordinary.
1. When I was taking my pill this morning it felt bogus.
2. Dude I can't believe you did that, you were so bogus.
3. Oh that girl is so bogus!
4. Oh my holy bogus!
by wereaba May 15, 2009
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Growing up in New England in the early 1970s, we used bogus as a stronger version of "gross." Thus, it was a declarative statement indicating profound disgust.
Paul, on discovering doggie-do on his Converse sneaker: “Bogus!”

“Bogus! How long has that hotdog been there?”
by Muskox January 29, 2006
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"Dude that was a bogus mellon. Thing was like huge."
by Jimmy Williams April 28, 2003
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Something that people think is crap or boring, or just shit, word created by Ryan Grogan
by Erik Ranalds February 03, 2018
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