20 definitions by Katie Tran

A phrase that essentially means huh or "what did you say?".

Mainly used in southern states by young people with bad hearing.

Often shortened to "Do what?".
Person: "I need a large fries"
Person2: "Do what?"
by Katie Tran July 22, 2005
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adj. something that owns, is hardcore.
Any band that's edge enough to use something a retarded 6 year old drew for cover art is worth giving a listening to.
by Katie Tran July 12, 2004
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religion + entertainment

Think Veggietales. Or any type of flims they show in Christian private schools that are entertaining but also have a religious agenda.
When I went to Catholic school, every friday we got to see a religitainment film.
by Katie Tran May 7, 2004
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Paper Back. As in a paperback book. Yeah, I'm a library nerd.
You ask what "PB" stands for? It's the paperback section. I'll show you where it is.
by Katie Tran July 4, 2004
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