When a spliff burns faster on one side than the other resulting in an overhanging flap of paper.
"Oh, quick dude! Burn that boaty!"

"This spliff is boaty-ing like a bitch."
by DMMan March 03, 2008
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Link to Boat Race/Face - an in fashion or popular thing to do/wear etc
"Does this clobber im wearing to Candy Club tonight look boaty or not"
by j.d89 August 12, 2009
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A nautical device used for impregnating boys and tidying ale up. Usually furry of body and partially bearded of face. Rarely found in the UK due to summer migration to Cyprus, Prague, Amsterdam etc. Often stored in sub-terranian bars, esp. in the Aldwych area of London.
by sweet September 08, 2003
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