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Adj- The way people in seattle say awsome, cool, nice, interesting or extrodinary
kine- "last week my mom won the mega lottery!"
jason- "woah! that's so flithy!"
by Je'Leese April 11, 2011
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Anna : Should i say Mister?
Amanda : yeah thats flirty
Anna: ohh okayy goodd :) its so flithy
by aydubz August 08, 2008
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Refers to the beats in a Dubstep tune.

A dirty, indiscriminate, array of dubstep beats which inturn force the listeners to engage in reckless drug taking and overall euphoria.
Whilst in a warehouse rave two friends off their collective tits on MDMA and Speed engage in typical conversation.

Liam: " What do you think of this song?"

Mícheál: " FLITHY"

Ps. May aslo be dictated just prior to the "drop" into Dubstep in a song. . but it remains vital to whisper it when silent before the "drop".
by Prendey May 11, 2011
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