a town in Massachusetts filled with kids who have way too much time and money on their hands. Since there is nothing to do the weekend consists of raging it up and hooking up with everyone you possibly can. Then go to school on monday and talk about it/start cat fights. Everyone is a bitch and thinks they are the shit. If you do not fall into the category of a slut, bitch, hottie, or dank then you must be jewish or asian
Andover is so sicky dank, lets rage it up
by juiper November 02, 2005
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A town in Massachusetts north of Boston. Andover can be known for having a good music scene that many kids don't appreciate, good schools, and a culture of kids who talk about how much they hate this town. Most families are wealthy, some are not. Often there isn't much to do for kids unless they figure something out themselves. But this is the same as pretty much any suburban town across the country. Many kids say they hate living here, even though they know they have it mad easy, but this is because they lack creative thinking skills and are so used to having things handed to them they refuse to take things into their own hands. Other kids figure out things to do and don't complain all the time.
Kid 1 - There's nothing to do in Andover tonight, let's just sit around and complain.

Kid 2 - Well, remember we are all rich and have cars. So let's just find something to do somewhere else...

Kid 1 - That's retarded, I hate this town.

Kid 2 - Ok...
by ...me44554 March 14, 2009
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Andover, as well as being a town in America, is a town in Britain. This town used to be a trading post for London in the eighteenth century. Now it's exactly the bloody same as every other town in the country, with a couple good pubs, a lot of chavs, and a good shit mix of people that are cool and shit. It's a shithole, but it's our shithole.

If you americans think your Andover is shit/amazing, you have no idea how underwhelmed you could be if you just flew over the pond.
by Tastytoast March 17, 2011
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Contrary to popular belief, not a pseudo-town in Massachusetts. Andover, located in England, is world-renowned as being the Pride of Hampshire. Andover is the kind of hell hole that only exists in the deepest realms of a dark fiction novel... 15-year-old girls push triplets around feeding them with social milk. Nothing nice exists in this town. The chavs in Andover though are what make it truly awful. There is a broad range, from the young – with their furry mustaches and older brother's hand-me-down Nike tops. And the old – who generally hang out at the local gala bingo hall. Andover is geographically isolated from other towns and the inbreeding here is of the highest quality. The chavs cannot afford to travel and the next town is a good 20 miles away so is well beyond BMX/scooter distance. This place is worthy of study as the Galapagos islands were to Darwin. The local Tesco's fresh meat/fresh bread aisles are deserted, but if you frequent the ready meal/fizzy drink aisles you can witness 20 stone 18-year-old mothers with ‘Uncle Baz’ who got her pregnant with a trolley full of eight 2-litre bottles of Cola, 14 pot noodles and 5 bags of jumbo assorted crisps. The surrounding area of Andover is hills, I do believe a ground level nuclear detonation would return Andover to green fields with very little damage to surrounding areas. It is one of the worst worst towns in England, it's only slightly popular as it is on the direct train line to London.
Person A: I'm from Andover.
Person B: That explains the sixth finger.
by Laurie Cathal September 26, 2021
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1. an adjective used to describe any rich person in or around in area of Wichita Kansas.

2. an adjective used to describe a white person who trys to act/dress like a black person.
wow. Austin Calvert is so Andover.
by The man in mUggs October 22, 2009
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A little white trash town in New york, where alcohol has consumed all old and young. Hill parties are frequent, and he said he said i common. If you go there you are cursed with petty drama for the rest of your life.
Man 1: Those guys keep giving me shit about my girlfriend
Man 2: Ah you must have come from Andover
by This Guy Now August 13, 2012
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Well, after living in this town for the past 11 years, I must say it is kind of exciting, thats of course when your younger. This town starts to become suck ass boring! The phrase "Let's go Uptown" is a fucked up one. Here in Andover, kids will think they are cool going "Uptown" when actually its boring as fuck! Guys waste 4 hours of their afternoon by trying to impress girls that huddle around thinking nothing but themselves. Most girls in this town wear that Hollister Abercombie shit that is overpriced and not worth wearing. Guys think they have to wear skater clothes to keep up with the times! FUCK THE TIMES nobody in this town I mean nobody is their own person, its sick. There are more banks then you can even picture in ur head, theres banks left and right, its annoying... You have a Starbucks, Dunkins, Mcdonalds, and all of that crap. All the shit that gets you fat. Kids Here have more money than Jesus can stuff in his own pocket. The merchants here don't care if there's to many kids, they make booming busniess! People walk around with five 20's in their pockets thinking they got "Money in the bank." Man, society in this town is gay. Girls in this town dress very slutty but then again. THEY ALL PROUDS!! A kiss on the cheek will be for discussion for months! It's like damnnn where is this town headed!! Where are the people headed! Now to the boys, they all think they are ghetto or skater. It's pathetic! They waist hours of their lifes for prouds that give no action or not even a relationship. They all take it to seriously... Now they are normal kids that are their own person and I repect that. Well thats pretty much it, that Andover MA for you!

A summary of the town Andover and how boring it is and a waist of time!
by Giani Ferrio January 17, 2007
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