it literally means you're bad lol
"Hey man, you're bad lel"
by ChristianrVGM February 26, 2016
When your teammate dies on Fortnite and wants you to back out for them
Donny1: "How you dying already? Should i back out?"
Donny2: "Do it if you're bad"
by RyRyHinode May 18, 2018
"You're so bad" Is a video game phrase most people use when getting killed by a player better than themselves or when you barely win a match against an annoying player better than yourself.
"You're so bad, I would've killed you easily if i was at my prime."
" You're so bad, my hands were so cold that match that's the only reason you won."
" You're so bad, I was lagging so hard that match.
by Garo010 January 29, 2021