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the art of knowing something that you absolutley obviously know nothing about. ie i got a guy that want's a mastacater pump. and also the art of designing stuff that you don't know about either.
hey i weant to do the dean to your mom.

hey i know about stuff but i don't really
by paul vortman July 15, 2008
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Where a woman and a man with two dicks, have sex.
"Oh ariel, please Dean me"

U have two dicks? Let's do the Dean

A woman tried to mug me so I Deaned her

I love to Dean Dean Dean
by Dog Meat 959 January 13, 2015
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"The dean", or simply"Dean", as he is more commonly referred to, is a supreme being, thought to be the pinnacle of human evolution. Traits include a British accent, a constantly changing hairstyle, and a body magnitude so large that he consistently takes up two seat spots on the sofa in the boy's houses. As a result, another name for him is "Deanosaurus Rex", although this is less commonly used than the latter. In fact, so great is his holiness, that it is thought he is learning to become a farmer. What a stunner.
"Have you seen the Dean today?"

"I think Dean went with josh to the loo"

"Goddamn Dean can be mean!"
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by Cap'n Spank July 06, 2019
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