The aching discomfort from fully aroused female genitals that have suffered deprivation of sexual release.
Men get blue balls and women get blue lips.
by NG September 11, 2003
Adj. To a woman what Blue Balls is to a man.
Man, Juanita is in heat again, if she don't get some soon she will end up with Blue Lips.
by K to the y-a-r-o October 2, 2009
Is when a (female) has be arroused, and doesnt recieve a release of pleasure
A (female) has been arroused by someone and they refuse to put the flame out. your (vagina) tingles and has its own heart beat, hence the word (blue lips) its just like when the male gets (blue balls).
by Pimpstress 88 February 7, 2011
Blue Lips : The female form of Blue Balls.
" Oh man, Jen sure is on a loooong dry streak! She must have Blue Lips by now.
by Felty_felt January 23, 2013
When the vagina turn blue from not orgasming when you should.
Dont stop, you'll give a girl blue lips.

Like waiting for Netflix to load.
by Slatestate June 30, 2020
The act of drinking so much red wine that your lips acquire a dark purplish crust and your teeth turn a shade of blue.
Michael, that beaulojais was fantastic but it left me all blue lipped!
by MelCo November 18, 2007
Slang for an extreamly black person, so black that there lips seem blue. Also implying that the majority of Blacks reside in Alabama.
Said to a dark man: Allright Mr. Alabama blue lips, calm down its just chicken
by The Real Sweetlou August 19, 2008