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Like being left on read. But with your dick.
Brenden had blue balls when he mom didn't let him cum.
by Atdc19999 August 28, 2017
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the excrutiating pain a man receives when his balls swell to the size of coconuts because of lack of sex, unfinished bjs, and just not cummin when he knows he should.

Cure: JUST WACK IT MAN!! or get your woman to help you out and do the job right. It's that simple to make the horrible pain go away.
note to all women,

NEVER NEVER NEVER give your man blue balls...its the worse pain he will ever feel in his life and he never deserves it...well, almost never...
by Sexy Otter January 12, 2004
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When that liberal chick who really wanted to fuck you finds out you voted Republican, and takes it out on your erection.
Dude, she had me right at the edge, but saw the Cruz t-shirt in my laundry hamper, walked the fuck out, and left me with the worst case of blue balls.
by MyShariaMoor January 02, 2017
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A ridiculously painful condition that occurs when a man is close to orgasm, but is suddenly cut off.
Ladies, imagine if you will, that someone is going down on you intensely. You're building up to what will surely be the best orgasm you've ever had. All of a sudden, you're partner stops. You're about to ask what the fuck is going on, when all of a sudden you're partner slams a bowling ball up your vagoo. This is kind of like Blue Balls.
by Venompen September 09, 2009
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A painful condition when a man has been profoundly sexually stimulated but not allowed to ejaculate, leaving his balls feeling heavy and sore. It is my mission to relieve this unpleasant phenomenon.
His girlfriend had left him with blue balls, so I took pity on him and sucked him off until he came in my mouth. We both felt better after that.
by jezebel July 07, 2005
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