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Demons formerly believed to cause depression and melancholia. The Blues is a shortening of this seventeenth century expression. Can be used in a similar way to 'the Black Dog', as a synonym for depression.
'Are you alright X? You seem a bit down.'
'Just a touch of the blue devils.'


'Did you hear? X had to be sectioned - they were self-harming!'
'Yep. Off to the blue-devil factory.'
by Kallikles May 20, 2008
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The World champion Drum Corps from Concord California. World famous drumline, starring the 3 Odello Brothers: Adam, Ryan and Rick.
"Dude, the blue devils rock. did you see Away day?"
by azncowcompactor May 16, 2004
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1. A reference to members of certain Crip sets, usually substituting the letter "C" for the letter "b" in the word "blue". Commonly associated with Hoova sets, predominately 5~2 and 5~9.

2. A mixed drink containing liquor (usually vodka), and Blue Demon flavored Full Throttle energy drink.
1. That lil' Clue Devil rolled up talkin' bKout "Wutz CraCCalaCCin' Cuzz?"

2. We were mixin' Grey Goose blue devils all night and were still throwd when the sun came up.
by xXSyKoXx January 08, 2008
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The mascot for the best school in america, nay, the world, Duke University. Also, their outstanding basketball team is 3-time champions of the NCAA tournament.
by JP March 19, 2005
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the name given to Union soldiers by the Confederate soldiers during the civil war because of their blue uniforms
Come on boys, lets send those blue devils back to hell!
by Cidolphus November 12, 2010
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The gayest creature to ever roam the earth. Although they are terrified of unicorns they have developed an ingenious defense mechanism know simply as "the flop". They shit themselves when frightened, which is common. In what is thought to be a disturbing mating ritual, they are often seen slapping the floor. If you are close enough to witness this in person run very fast in the opposite direction.
Did you see that sneaky blue devil try to ass rape me?
by N-N-N-Nannerpuss October 29, 2010
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