to relax have good time,to groove on the dance floor.
im headed to this party to get
by uban literate December 18, 2004
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your social status and others' opinion about you is comparable to a fart in the wind. can be used to describe any situation or person that is totally fucked.
this chick is so blown!, i didn't know she had the herps, that is so blown.
go where you are blown.
by kanamoosedtrean July 13, 2008
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When one, who is newly in recovery, is still suffering from the residual effects of drugs and alcohol.
I meant to go to the meeting last night, but i forgot it was Wednesday. Blown.
by Wrengo7 January 30, 2016
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When you have no money or credit with no way to obtain ether
How's Joe doing is he been ok. No he is still blown. Damn still??
by hogmother April 12, 2017
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