1)yaaaaaa boy i'm blown!!!!!
2)damn dude, yo girl shayla, she was so blown last night she fucked every guy in the room, she was so hot i was the first in line
by youknowwhereimfrom November 22, 2003
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disappointment, usually in oneself, to the point that hater-ship is adopted.

often used to describe jealousy and/or embarrassment due to the fact of anothers success, or because of ones own insecurities or shortcomings.
dude was blown when his rival got props and he didn't.

joe couldn't graduate so he was blown.
by rusty pete May 17, 2010
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john: 'sally is goin out wiv tom'
sarah: 'no she isnt'
john: 'yes she is!'
sarah: lets ask her then. Sally!

sarah: are you going out with tom?
sarah: (to john) ha blown!!!!
by chilled_gal May 08, 2005
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destroyed or exploded
as in an engine or motor.
see also fubar
My camero is up on blocks in the front yard 'cause the engine's blown and i'm too broke to buy a new one to put in it.
by dave cole April 14, 2005
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The best fucking rapper alive

he resides in Cali "sup with it now"

is his best work
Yo man Blown is so fucking dope
by Michel Lesbon July 17, 2008
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To be high off cocaine, a.k.a. blow
Yo, I just hit that fat rail and now I'm BLOWN!!
by BlowMasta April 21, 2013
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