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To break up with (dump) or stop dating or talking to someone.
Time to cut off all my old broads and get some new freaks.

"Cut my ex-girl off cause she broke my last Phillie"--Grand Puba
by Kuahmel January 24, 2009
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a term usually used in a derogatory manner to describe brand new things, and how sought after and fawned over they are by people who often already have perfectly good items said new thing would be replacing, usually in an attempt to stay hip or cool, be "first on the block," or keep up with the Joneses.
The Apple fanboys always gotta have the latest and greatest, faithfully in line for new iPads and iPhones, even if their current ones are only a few months old and the new ones aren't that much different.

Hayley, you already have 12 Prada bags, do you really need to chase down the latest and greatest?

Gotta love how these spoiled hipsters use their trust funds on the latest and greatest!
by Kuahmel March 11, 2013
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An Uzi machine gun

This term is mentioned often in early 90s New York rap songs.
"Pullin' out the oowop, listening to doowop"--Q-Tip, A Tribe Called Quest, "Everything Is Fair"

"You get the Tec-9, I'll get the oowop"--Bad Mentalz, Trends of Culture, "Who Got My Back?"
by Kuahmel April 1, 2009
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A dish of food that either looks like nasty, unappetizing slop or is simply ugly in presentation, even if it might actually taste good.

Term even applies to when one posts a picture that exposes his or her lack of culinary savvy. Person who prepared said food is usually quite delusional, really believing they just threw down like a gourmet chef at a restaurant rated tops in a Zagat survey.

Term known to have originated as a trending topic hashtag on Twitter, most often triggered on Thanksgiving. Spread to a Tumblr site, Instagram, and elsewhere on the net.
Dude straight threw chicken breast fillets on his grill with ZERO seasoning or marination? Talk about struggle plate!

#struggleplate! RT @randombroad I just got my burn on for my bae! pic.twitter.com/xxxxxx
by Kuahmel August 1, 2013
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One's home, place one lives, the crib.
Yo, I'm 'bout to head over to Peanut's rest and smoke these trees.

"At the rest, I listen to the Stylistics"--Diamond D
by Kuahmel January 22, 2009
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A special kind of booed up guy who is up under his girlfriend at such a ridiculous clip, he may as well be married to her, live with her and the whole shot. Oftentimes even she feels like he could take a day or two off and hang with the fellas or something.
Female: My boyfriend is coming over tonight.
Her girls: You mean your busband? Does he even have his own life the way he handcuffs himself to you?

Jerry: What up, Jay, game's on tonight, come through, got some Newcastle in the kegerator.
Jay: I'm good, 'bout to go see my girl.
Jerry: Goddamn, fam, you ain't her boyfriend, you're her busband, because I don't see what stops you from putting a ring on the b*tch with no prenup.
by Kuahmel December 1, 2009
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adj 1. when an act is gay and racist simultaneously 2. involving gayness and racism in the same situation

Note: Unlike the other definitions, this sense has nothing to do with homophobia
The sitcom Community actually had two gaycist moments:
-Abed is hand feeding a Black man chicken fingers with a lover's tease to it as the guy has a smile on his face. The chicken part is a no-brainer but read on...
-On a dare from Chang, Pierce, and more to the point, Troy, a Black character, show up to a school dance in ladies' pantsuits. The gaycism is obvious when one considers the issue of Hollywood frequently placing Black actors in emasculating situations

Also gaycist is when a flamboyant gay man, Matthew Miller, auditions for American Idol. When he finishes, he says that a lady once told him he sounded like a "skinny Black woman." And mockery ensues...
Simon: We're not sure whether it's Matthew or Martha
Randy: Is Martha the name of a skinny Black woman?
Matthew: No, if I was a skinny Black woman, I think I'd be like Shakiki or Shaquana
by Kuahmel April 25, 2010
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