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To break up with (dump) or stop dating or talking to someone.
Time to cut off all my old broads and get some new freaks.

"Cut my ex-girl off cause she broke my last Phillie"--Grand Puba
by Kuahmel January 24, 2009
Usually simply another way of saying bye. But in some cases, this word is said when for example cutting someone off, when talking to someone you really don't wanna hear from again, or telling someone you're taken or have moved on. In basic, it's another way of saying see you around or kick rocks.

It's the bye you say when you don't wanna f*ck with a certain person anymore.
I'm seeing your best friend now, and we're getting married in June. Take care!

P1: You're a police officer now?
P2: Yeah, been on the force for 8 years now.
P1: Never would have thought you the type, what with that incident back in the day...
P2: Riiiiight....take care.
by Kuahmel January 24, 2009
It's one of those douchey terms used by Yorkies, Rastas, Moors (no disrespect to the latter two), and other so-called conscious people in an attempt to sound smart, smooth, above it all, etc. All it is is putting a cute spin on "understand," that's it. This word is a plague and the user can't hope to possibly be taken seriously.

And to correct another entry on this word, no, the Five Percenters do not use it, as any 5% worth his salt knows better.

Once again, it's cute and quite slick as slang, but only a fool would have "overstand" in the repertoire for serious discussion of anything.
Overstand these nuts.

"Do you overstand me, brother?"
"What the hell does 'overstand' mean?"
"Man, where did you even get that from?"
"Uh, ah..."
"What are you, Boyz II Men?"
by Kuahmel March 31, 2009
An often high-maintenance female's high-pressure, unreasonable, unrealistic, and even bizarre criteria she expects a guy to adhere to. Hard to even just consider it at best high standards when it generally comes off merely as a woman having a man on the hot seat as if her sh*t don't stink. And it's no wonder why a girl on this tip is single and bitter.

Named for the cast member from MTV's The Real World Boston who had this ridiculous list of 200+ requirements a man had to meet in order to date her. Also known as "Kameelah-a$$ list" in the Okayplayer community.
Does every girl on BlackPlanet have to have a Kameelah list on her page?

If you meet a chick from a sorority, chances are she's sizing you up on her Kameelah list.
by Kuahmel December 1, 2009
Leaning away from someone you're sitting next to
Girl, you must not be feeling me the way you're running in your seat.
by Kuahmel December 7, 2009
What one feels when a person they wanted to date isn't interested or isn't worth the trouble. Shortened version of the term "other fish in the sea," meaning there's plenty other catches in this world, no need to waste time or hurt feelings over the one that got away.

The call that says it's time to direct your dating (or other) interests elsewhere.
She ain't giving up the draws, she's a f*ckin' golddiggin' *ss d*ck tease, let me stop wasting my time. Other fish.
by Kuahmel December 7, 2009
Said when letting an individual do him/her, when you either aren't in the mood to criticize them, or feel it's not your place to, whether or not you agree with their behavior. Because hey, what they eat doesn't make you sh*t, why give yourself gray hairs tryna change 'em?
If you like it, I love it...they're your kids, not mine.

Me: Wow, your girl wears a mad lot of makeup!
He: Hey, as long as the p*ssy and money don't stop, I say to her "if you like it, I love it."

Whatever floats your boat, if you like it, I love it.
by Kuahmel December 20, 2009