to be spending your evening in a nightclub, rather then jus going to the pub for a beer
friend 1: wanna go to the boar for a quick one then go home and watch match of the day??

c-dogg: fuck that shit man, its saturday night, im going out out.

friend 2: well where ya wanna go??

c-dogg: ikon like

All: (in Chorus) J P Fatboy your so toxic

by Chris Wayman January 31, 2007
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To go beyond '"out out" and therefore continue a night out to a disco by going out to an after party
Jim: Hey dave you head out out on sat?
Dave: went out out out saturday was at a party in sandras.. meh was ok
Jim: Cool
by trasheater June 7, 2009
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n. Slang - An informal synonym for excrement, especially fecal matter; rarely used in common culture
Rob: Can I borrow your jacket?
Cory: As long as you don't out out in it...
Jordan: Yeah, don't out out in it

Rob: Jason! Get your out out in it together!
Jason: Ok, sorry man
by N'er December 31, 2011
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Going out out is where you are going out to hit it large on a night out, you're not just out, you're going out out.

If you were going out, you might just have 1 or 2 drinks at a bar, restaurant or going to the cinema or any other recreational event, you don't tend to get dressed up as much when you're going out.
Going out out is where you would likely end up hitting up an overnight bar or club and usually involves a few drinks too many.
I only meant to go out to the shops for bread and milk, but I ended up going out out.
by Tideh April 1, 2017
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Going out Over Usual Time (out). In short going out out. Means that you are properly having a night out with your friends which most likely includes getting completely wasted and come back home at 6AM.
"Hey are we going out tonight?"
"Not just out man, we're going out out!"
by vglleo January 5, 2018
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Pulling out all the stops: shaving above the knee, examining every item in your wardrobe with a fine tooth comb, checking the pedi and mani, maintenance plucking, etc.
Tonight is the big date with the hot guy from the gym. I'm "going out out."

by missikat November 30, 2008
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We went down to the derelict casino where we came across Billyboy and his four droogs (friends); they were getting ready to perform a bit of the old in-out-in-out on a weepy young devotchka (girl) they had there - from the 1971 film "A Clockwork Orange"
by Anthony Brancato April 21, 2003
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