1. A very boastful and talkative person; a braggart

2. A self-important egomaniac who likes to toot his own horn, like those assholes who put bumper stickers on their cars that say "PROUD PARENTS OF AN HONOR STUDENT AT (blah blah blah) HIGH SCHOOL"
"Did you catch the State of the Union speech last night? What a fucking blowhard!"
by Rollo & Biff May 27, 2006
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an opinionated person who talks loud and way too long on the same subject, often sensationalizing the subject matter
by chatsnoir January 4, 2012
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Donald Trump is such an egotistical jerk and blowhard.
by Stace1972 November 25, 2016
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A person who takes great pleasure in boasting or bragging about themself.
"The professor's tendancy to always bring up his credentials in conversation gave him a reputation as an egotistical blowhard."
by Deej July 19, 2004
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As mentioned in another definition, a very braggy and pretentious person, overly prideful and arrogant. See egotist.

Also could be an insult to anyone; the definition of this other insult is totally unrelated to boasting or bragging. We all know what blow means.
You blowhard!

You blow hard!
by Ranger Elite March 9, 2006
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1. a person that's insecure with their existence, and by their own virtue, they feel the need to blatantly spew ilk and diatribe about other people that are otherwise innocent.

2. also see: keyboardracer, gayrab, Ablab, & namedrop.
Dude: "Ha! Ha! Ha! Did you see Gayrab get knocked out the other day?"

Other Dude: "Yeppers! That's what he gets for being a blowhard."
by Name Witheld August 4, 2004
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someone who talks a big game for the sole pleasure of instigating an argument without rational back-up to his/her point(s).
friend 1: bob told me he would refuse me entry into his house party without a "real" halloween costume.

friend 2: he's such a blowhard.
by t and a October 10, 2006
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