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First of All:

Anyone else sick of these random shitty retarded sex terms for everyday definitions? See the definition by J.D.

Anyways, string cheese is one of the best kind of cheeses out there, very fun to eat, peel it apart into little strings and swallow whole, and it doesn't even have an odor at all.
String cheese is my kind of cheese!

White, clean, non-stick, stringy, non-stinky, pull-apart mozzarella goodness

Does not fill you up or satisfy any hunger
by Ranger Elite March 05, 2006

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The telephone equivalent of spam.

The worst kind of salesman in the universe.

Traits: Officious, sometimes bullshittingly "polite" pricks who will recall your number over and over when they aren't scamming other random phone numbers.

How to deal with them: Shoot em up! ...er, i meant

How to really deal with them: Whenever one of these calls you, immediately i.d. which category it falls into:

Unwanted service
Donation scam
Subcription for 40 months of shitty magazines you dont need

Now the fun part. Keep acting like youre interested in whatever theyre offering. Thank them for every last excruciating detail they throw at you at hyper-machine gun speed so they have trouble concentrating trying to sucker you into their shit. Prolong everything. Ask questions about everything they say (be sure to sound as happy as can be, and as interested as a masochist in hell). Then, when the inevitable closing deal part of the conversation comes, your choices are:

"Fuck youz" + Hang-up
"Go fuck yourself"
"Get a real job"
"U r SuxOr"
"-random soundeffect-"
"i did your mom"

Be creative. Let your imagination take over in getting back at these asses. Peace`=)
Notorious telemarketers = Orange County Register, Phone survey groups, Magazine subscribers

All mentioned above, kiss my ass
by Ranger Elite February 23, 2006

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An alternative way to say bitch in online games that censor swearing, such as in gunz and maplestory
In Gunz The Duel > Server1 > Lobby > Expert Channnel 1:

Snowyger: bitch
*gets censored*
Please do not use vulgar or profane language.
]-ellbound: well dumbass, forgot that youd get censored huh bich?
by Ranger Elite December 30, 2005

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WON already is replaced by Steam. Won stands for the World Opponent Network, which was the system that channeled multiplayer for half-life and all hl mods since hl was released up to the end of the summer of 2004, when WON was no longer in service and all multiplayer was transferred over to Steam.

I still remember WON to be more complicated than Steam, but it had its ups, like whenever something happened or something was typed, you would see it in console instantly,
and whenever you would join a server, it would show you the console screen and you could have something to read instead of a black screen with a loading bar that Steam gives you. You also didn't need to be logged into any program to access WON (I'm talking about you,STEAM) and although all your mods were not organized into a list, you could just access them from your desktop. Part of me still misses WON, but WHY?
September 04' : Some TFC server on WON...
Map: 2fort


guy2: Whaaaaat?

guy3: omg r u serial


-everyone stops playing and is depressed-
by Ranger Elite March 10, 2006

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A lane whore is a turdball who always zips into whichever lane gives them a little more space than the one they were originally in. Just like how a cock whore and a cock monster loves cock, a lane whore will do whatever it takes on the road for just 2 ft more of lane. You encounter these jerkoffs on the road, but, more frequently, on the freeway, where they are notoriously known for tailgating. Lane whores lack patience while driving, and in some cases, even a brain at all. A good way to deal with a lane whore is as follows:
-You are driving, and you notice an asswipe tailgating you (the lane whore)-

-Eventually, the bitch lane whore will pull into another lane that gives them more room (How fast the person does this also coincides with how small their brains and or gentitals are)-

-Whichever lane the LW pulled into will have another car which the LW will tailgate and begin switching lanes again-

-Provided that you dont have a car in your way, (or else you have to be a lane whore yourself just that once) when the LW is catching up to the car in the other lane, accelerate your car until you stop just short of the bumper of the car the LW would be tailgating in it's lane-

-If done well, you will have trapped the lane whore in a slow lane tailgating a car which isnt you and stuck there as long as you stay bumper to bumper with the tailgated car in the LW's lane!-
by Ranger Elite July 13, 2006

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Term which refers to the old game cartridges that were used by the NES and the cartridges that were used by SNES. These NES cartridges were infamous for getting so very dusty and unclean that your warm, moist, stinky breath had to be applied at the opening of said cartridge (See Nintendo Blow) to even get them to work at all! SNES cartridges were not AS bad but STILL suffered the same problems = same "solution" to NES cartridges being dusty.

After throughly "breathing" on these cartridges, and after a relatively short period of time, the game that would be using the cartridge would freeze up as the moisture ran out, and the TV which would be hooked up to your game will look psychedelic in 16 bit blocks.

For an idea of what these cartridges look like, look to your left. Occasionally there will be an ad for Busted Tees next to this definition and it will have a girl wearing a demin skirt and a green shirt saying Blow Me with a pic of a side view of a NES cartridge.
1996 (NES)- "My Cobra Command cartridge is acting up again!" Argh *Huff Huff*

1998 (SNES)- "Donkey Kong Country isn't working again..."

1999 (SNES)- "Yoshi's Island is always working as usual ;D"

2000 (???) - "Screw this crap im gonna go play playstation"
by Ranger Elite March 09, 2006

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Too much info for a definition that no one will waste time to read the whole damn thing.


see "south korea" definition by Je-Won

see "communism" definition by hard rain

see "america" definition by Sarah

see "mp3" definition by JonMaker
Nobody likes to spend an hour reading about the entire history of the US or South Korea squeezed into one post = An overdefinition.
by Ranger Elite December 13, 2005

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