flies that lay their eggs in rotting meat
Theo didn't have much of a sex life as he was attractive only to blowflies.
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
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someone who enjoys other peoples cocaine; a cocaine mooch
"Keep dat blowfly bitch o' your'n at home next time bro'"
by Joe Bone March 7, 2005
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Someone who constantly hangs around and is unwelcome but doesn't take the hint, but not really malicious.
Brian is such a blowfly. You tell him you've got stuff to do to try to get rid of him but he just keeps hanging around!
by Rik OShea April 26, 2017
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The visual effect of pulling your underwear up so high that either testicle hangs out its respective leg hole.
Brian and Jaymz had no fucking idea what to do with pale pink lacey g-strings, both of them being professional virgins. Jaymz put them on his head, crotch over his mouth and poked out his tongue, doing his best impression of a spitting viper. Brian put them on in the right place, but his balls were hanging out either side. "Look!" he exclaimed with glee, "I'm a blowfly!"
by Typus May 31, 2005
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A girl goes into a dumpster behind a restaurant and starts putting maggots inside her pussy with rotting mold meat because I'm guessing it feels good. She then goes home and takes off all of her clothes then fucks the maggots, shits, pees in her bed then gets a really bad infection. I guess this bitch is attractive to decay and maggots.
Hey, Tom have you ever read that blowfly girl post?
Yeah, why?
Just asking.......
by Lazygirl21 February 17, 2021
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The act of inserting a pea into a straw, shoving the end of it into one's vagina or anus and blow vigorously on the other side of the straw, shooting the pea into the preferred orifice. It can be either used as a form of pleasure (some like it?) or pain (kinky?)
I gave Svetlana a Romanian Blowfly and she couldn't stand up for a week.
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a video of a girl going into a dumpster and starts fucking maggots, oh yea and then she goes home (i think) and starts shitting and then passes out,
Carl: did you search up blowfly girl like i asked?
Emanuel: yes..
Carl: what did it cost
Emanuel: everything
by Mr_Aesthetics February 26, 2020
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