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An unwritten pass that allows you to say the n-word ONCE! Does not expire. Can only administered by black people. Can be traded for sex and/or Pokemon cards.
Jerome gave me an N-word pass but I used it instantly.
by DefiningJusticeFromAssholes May 14, 2018

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Searching up this.
You are obviously bored enough to search up waste of time
by DefiningJusticeFromAssholes March 20, 2017

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To insert a foreign object in ones rectum or anus (for pleasure reasons, accidentally or because one is incredibly stupid)
Sometimes when I'm alone, I rectafolopple myself

My girl rectafoloppled me last night

You are a rectafoloppling idiot
by DefiningJusticeFromAssholes February 10, 2017

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To cut off a man's genitals, proceed to rape him with them and then forcefeed them to him
Be careful or I WILL Reverse Raptus you!!!
by DefiningJusticeFromAssholes February 12, 2017

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When someone yells nonstop at someone else, making them feel vulnerable, as if in rape.
Did John get fired?
No, just word raped by the boss.
by DefiningJusticeFromAssholes March 14, 2017

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When you get foloppled mid-air
I was on a trampoline... and all of a sudden there was a lollipop up my dick hole! I was a victim of the uncomfortable flying folopple.
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by DefiningJusticeFromAssholes May 14, 2018

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When you folopple yourself with something so big, that it cuts off the circulation to your dick , turning it purple.
I should never have used a toaster. It gave me a rare venomous purple folopple.
by DefiningJusticeFromAssholes May 14, 2018

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