Bloomfield:the act of blowing a load with furious force into a girl's bush and then scraping the load, such as tilling a field, with your teeth out of her bush.
I gave Jim and Joe's Mom a Bloomfield
by K.T. Mirasola March 20, 2007
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The act of selling an object back to someone for less than half of the price that you paid for it in the first place.
How much did you loose off that Bloomfielding?
by Dragerage June 29, 2018
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Town in northern New Jersey, neighboring Newark, bisected by the Garden State Parkway, containing Exits 148, 149, 150 and 151.

Has all the benefits of a small town and all the benefits of a city, and few of the drawbacks of either. Feels like about four small towns strung together, which would be the neighborhoods of Brookdale, North Broad, Downtown and Watsessing. Notable for large Irish and Italian communities, and for stores and restaurants that have been run by individual families for generations. Citizens have the legal right to punch you in the nose if you call their town a "suburb." (Not really, but they should!) In this town, they don't have pasta salad and therapists, they have pasta and bartenders. Municipal Building known for magnificent Christmas lights display.

Grove Street is the "other end" of the Newark City Subway system. Bus and train lines make it a convenient bedroom community for commuters to New York City. Bus lines also provide easy access to Newark, and the Willowbrook and Garden State Plaza malls.

Arch-rival is neighboring Montclair, which can't decide whether it wants to be upscale or ghetto fabulous. Also bordered by Nutley and Glen Ridge (both think of themselves as the former but really aren't), Belleville (not classy enough to be the latter), Clifton (Routes 3 and 46 going through it kind of makes up its mind for it) and East Orange (if you're not from there, do yourself a favor and don't go).

The most popular sports team among Bloomfielders is the New York Giants, followed by the Yankees, the New Jersey Devils, and, due to the Catholic influence, Seton Hall University basketball. In comparison, the Jets, Mets, Rangers and Rutgers are far behind in Bloomfield support.

Contrary to the Jersey stereotype, most Bloomfielders are willing to admit that the Eighties are over, guidos and ginkers are way out of style, big hair is no longer necessary for either gender, and hair metal sucked, except for Jersey natives Bon Jovi. Well, nobody's perfect, not even Bloomfielders.

Bloomfield is home to Holsten's, a fine old-fashioned ice cream parlor that stood in as a diner for the closing scene of the final episode of the TV show "The Sopranos." Any actual mob connections to the town appear to be strictly anecdotal, but just to advise youse, ya never know.
"What the hell are ya wearin'? A tracksuit? Where do ya think ya are, Belleville? Come on! This is Bloomfield! Have some class, will ya?"

"You're yellin' at me about class? Where do you think you're from, Montclair?"

"Hey, hey, pal, that's enough, you don't have to get nasty here!"
by UncleMikeNJ September 15, 2009
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A town with two types of people. Rich people who claim to be poor even though they drive to school in a Porsche, and the people who are the most disgusting trailer trash you have ever wittiness. The town has approx. 2 roads and about 500 people. Somehow, there is a large population of juggalos in this town whos smell strongly pollutes the air.
An example of the school in Bloomfield, NY
you see that kid riding to school in the ferrari?
ya he was right next to the group of juggalos wearing wrangler jeans and an ICP shirts.
by aceace453 November 27, 2011
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A town where everyone pretends to be "country" even though they're not. A place where the school is made up of greasy ass people who don't take showers and call themselves juggalos, whores who get pregnant and have baby daddy drama that they post on facebook and rednecks from generations of inbreeding.
Smells like cowshit we must be in Bloomfield, Ny
by titties33 December 30, 2011
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A city in Michigan in Oakland County known for the MANY Chaldeans and Jews that live there.
There are many Chaldeans and Jews in West Bloomfield.
by The_Unknown February 05, 2005
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A city in Michigan where drugs, sex, alcohol, and general superficiality are a vital part of reality. Where you can charge a slice of pizza on plastic, go to Somerset on weekends, Old Woodward, Bham, and the Palladium (overcrowded with middle schoolers in the summer), Shops at the Top, a bar on every corner(hookah), sixth graders with cells, and private school rivals (+ the public schools that hate them all). Houses that wrap around an entire street. Where there are more country clubs than banks, and porche driving soccer moms popping their collars, and no one gives a shit about the West Coast (even though a winter home is nice). 16 yr olds get mustangs for their first cars and our addiction is popularity. The girls for the most part are pretty bitchy, but hot. Everyone has a northface at age 5...located in oakland county- THE REAL OC BITCHESS, designer anything is the way to go
i like your range rover, youre a bloomfield hills kid huh?
by doobies4u November 17, 2005
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