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Glen Ridge is an NJ Yuppie suburb of Montclair, differentiated from it by being mostly white Catholics from New Jersey pretending to be yuppies despite their otherwise roots. Glen Ridge has the 3rd oldest house age in the country, and is distinguished by its excellent public schools with well-known drug and drinking problems. Almost 85% of the borough of Glen Ridge (population 7,500) is in a Victorian/Early 20th Century Historic District. Cindy Sherman is totally from Glen Ridge, and Tom Cruise spent the last few years of his educational career here, where he started acting. Glen Ridge is also known as the site of "Our Guys", when a number of high school jocks raped a mentally disabled girl and denied that it was rape. This was exacerbated by GRHS covering it up, though they all eventually were convicted. Since then, the jock culture has declined in GR, and though most students are very isolated, the most evil are no longer typically asshole jocks. Part of this is that no male sports team in Glen Ridge is considered prestigious because of a. The efforts of the town to dismantle the jock hierarchy, b. The small size of the town, and c. That everyone is too lazy and stoned/obsessed with their grades to care. The students tend to fall into either of those categories, and all seemed to be obsessed with drugs and alcohol as a shallow way to end their perpetual shelteredness and boredom. GRHSers (whom the town is still known for) are seen by Montclair teenagers as totally sheltered and sadly unhip. Most people are upper middle-class or wealthy, and tend to be people from NJ who lived in the city for awhile and then came back, as opposed to Montclairians, who are from NYC or other parts of the country and then moved to NJ, considering Montclair as the only place they would move to. Glen Ridge was once known for the institutionalized implicit racism of the Glen Ridge Country Club, a now all-but-defunct standard. Adults from GR are called Ridgeroos, while kids are called Ridgers, after the sports teams.
Man, everyone in Glen Ridge is really white!
Yeah...but at least they're not that pretentious...
by JLe March 06, 2005
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A Town in northern New Jersey that has some of the nicest homes in America. Our main street: Ridgewood Avenue; has houses that are $800,000 to $3.4 Million and more. Yes, we are almost all white and Catholic, but does not mean that we are all racist. And yes we are rich. Got a problem with that? And no, athletes did not rape a mentally retarted girl. It was sexual assult, NOT RAPE!!!!(I'm not saying that is better). Our high school was ranked number 3rd in the state. We have VERY low crime in our neighborhood. Montlcair kids hate us because of our wealth, and because we like to get good grades. GROW UP MONTCLAIR!!! your town doesn't have any better of a drug problem (Montlcair High School). Yes, we do like to get good grades, because we want good jobs. Good school + good grades= Good job. Good Job= Good Money (good life). We don't have many stores, though we do have Smashburger, Fitzgerald's, Super Scoop, the Arcade, and Mountainside Hospital. We also have an excellent sport team. No, the athelet population is not dying down. So, what is Glen Ridge? Only the nicest, richest, and safest town in Northern New Jersey (other than Franklin Lakes).
Glen Ridge rich athlete New Jersey White Italian multi million dollar homes school Catholic
by Ridger1234 February 22, 2011
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