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Belleville is a small town in north eastern Ontario. It is nothing more then a "gateway" town, they place that one is born but not expected to live all their life because it has nothing to offer. Belleville Ontario is known for its diverse population of elderly people and crack whores.
Young Man - "Get me out of here! Belleville is so boring".
by Jason Reznik April 25, 2009
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A shitty town in New Jersey filled with the most arrogant and uneducated morons ever to walk the Earth. See also: ghetto.
Vietnam Veteran: I may have lost both of my arms and my leg, but at least I don't live in Belleville.
by Ildac January 03, 2009
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Belleville is a great town. Small but has good people.
not very diverse, just whites, blacks & a occasion asian or mexican. Sumpter is hickville, belleville is normal people then van buren is where wal-mart the height of the town is.
a boring city but has good potential. home of the famous strawberry festival where there aren't really strawberrys.
by Kate Juju September 03, 2007
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Belleville Onatrio, is a very run down sketchy town. During the day you can see hookers walking up and down the roads all over the town, not just in one specific area. Belleville is all around ghetto, even most of it's better parts are still fairly sketchy. Day and night you can hear police sirens, gun shots, loud rap music and people yelling. Down front street you may see alot of rejects and crack/meth/heroin addicts. Police are all over the town but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Though people say most of the police in Belleville are dicks anyways. A lot of people say Belleville is like a mini Toronto. But I have to disagree, because the crime right for the population of Belleville is way worse then Toronto's. Others say it's becoming to be like Detroit, I personally think it's getting there.
Just go to belleville and you'll get plenty of examples
by liveherebro July 25, 2011
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Belleville Ontario, AKA "the friendly city" is located 2 hours East of Toronto and 1 hour west of Kingston. primarily a white community, the area in recent years has become quite a melting pot of cultures and ethnic groups. Belleville has a population of 49,000 people and is the 99th largest city in Canada. Although statistics may conclude it's a dangerous area, the media exacerbates this with their stories. Many headlining stories (Col. Russ Williams) took place in surrounding areas. The downtown core of Belleville is 'known' for it's rough ways however the city representatives are working hard on cleaning this up. Pay no attention to previous posts about hookers and drugs as it's no more prominent than other cities. Every city has it's rough areas and it's glamourous areas. The views from uneducated teens are pathetic. Yes there is crime, but no more than anywhere else. Belleville has a lot of history and many locations to explore this. Sports are predominant with high tech fields at MA sills park and Zwicks island. Soccer is predominant and hockey is healthy here. it's also the gateway to Prince Edward county's beaches and wineries. Belleville is growing with industry and an attractive area for retirement. It's hospital is state of the art and attracts many new physicians and specialists. Its a wonderful place to raise a family and retire.
Belleville, "the friendly city"
by Bdoll July 14, 2012
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a big city in southwestern Illinois where a bunch of morons moved into to be cool and after many years, eventually tore up the awesome city and is a giant slum
Oh Belleville? That's where that one dumb family lives
by myspacegirl May 09, 2009
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Slang for “The Jungle” as there are so many black people that attend BHS.
Do you see that group of black people over there? I bet they go to Belleville
by Stacey Buhro May 27, 2018
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