Where rich white kids who pretend there black and rep NYC thrive. They always talk about the murder rate in Newark like they have something to do with it.other than that it is a great place to eat out and if you have the money raise a family.
I'm from New York....well I'm actually from Newark......well I'm actually like right by Newark in Montclair and my parents are rich
by Truthmaker333 February 9, 2018
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a town in nj that can be the most diverse town ever, or the most whitewashed town ever. main attractions are uptown and downtown and you’ll always see 7th biker boys riding around town. Bloomfield has got to be our biggest rival and our high school is completely broken. The rich white kids usually live uptown or on north mountain/ upper mountain. Most of the white kids live uptown. Central montclair is Diverse but you’ll see Hispanics there. Downtown and the south end you’ll see more black or african Americans there. Our public schools don’t get along with the private schools such as GMS vs MKA
“ yo let’s go to Montclair “

“ u tryna ride around Montclair?”
by Bluemoney267 October 20, 2019
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Commuter suburb in Essex County, NJ, about 15 miles from Manhattan. Divided into about three sections. Section 1: The "ghetto" of southeastern and east central Montclair, mostly composed of vaguely derelict multifamily houses and vacant laundromats, and black with a few Sikhs in population. Known as an infamous drug trading area for everyone in suburban Essex County. The area between Glenfield Park and Glen Ridge Avenue is typically considered the worst area, where over 1/2 the businesses are vacant and most of the houses appear to be in a state of disrepair. It is also home to Lackawanna Plaza, a discount shopping center. Black people have lived in the area south of Bloomfield Avenue in East Montclair since the 1700s, and the area north of Bloomfield Avenue is originally a very old Italian neighborhood that is now primarily black, but with some Sikhs. 2. Downtown Montclair-An expanding area centered on the fairly trendy business area around Bloomfield Avenue, Church Street, Fullerton Avenue, Midland Avenue, and Walnut Street. This is home to many boutiques, restaurants, art house movie theaters, bookstores, galleries, and a disordinate number of antique stores for such a small town. The residential areas of Downtown Montclair range from primarily white luxury apartments and restored Victorian two-family houses off Bloomfield Avenue to multimillion dollar houses near Essex Park and down South Mountain Avenue towards the Eagle Rock Reservation. Upper Mountain Avenue in the vicinity of Downtown Montclair is the home of the wealthiest part of Upper Mountain Avenue, which offers multimillion dollar mansions and NYC views, and is arguably the most exclusive street in suburban Essex County. Downtown Montclair has spawned a breed of white rich kids who think of themselves as the hippest, hottest thing in the universe. Most of the people who are Downtown Montclair users are either yuppies, part of an expat community of twenty, thirty, and fortysomethings from NYC, or bored, self-absorbed teenagers. Downtown Montclair also includes most of Claremont Avenue, a somewhat dangerous and deserted residential boulevard. Home of Montclair High School, infamous as home of racial rioting and rich white indie kids. 3. Upper Montclair-The very, very wealthy, totally white and primarily residential area north of Watchung Avenue. Known as the home of private high schools like Lacordaire Academy and Montclair Kimberley Academy, both used by Upper Montclair residents and residents from towns to the west. Upper Montclair is very middle-aged white and teenagery and totally boring and quaint. The main business strip is Valley Road, seconded by Watchung Avenue. People from Downtown Montclair view it as the epitome of the rich white people who they think they aren't, even though Upper Montclair people do happen to be sheltered, obnoxious, and when not old money, act like they're old money. Montclair is, finally, known for the attitude of thinking itself diverse (by the white people) but being, in actuality, totally segregated, even among the black people. The wealthier blacks live towards West Orange while the poorest towards Glenfield Park. It's an ideal example of the hypocritical secret racism by white liberals on a smaller scale, as opposed to the occurence in NYC, which is on too large a scale to thoroughly socially examine.
We're going to go to that great Indian restaurant on Montclair.

Man, I need to go buy some crack by Glenfield Park in Montclair.
by JLe March 6, 2005
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Montclair california,a place full of skin heads,fat tweekers,wanna-be gangsters,dime bag dealers,and all around idiots.typical montclair residents consist of degenerate douchebags who enjoy the manipulation of rich relatives in order to satisfy the common obsession of buttfucking. at social gatherings many Montclair-ians enjoy the rousing game of penisy-musical-chairs.
Example 1
John: Can i trade my food stamps for a 10 sack?
Fred:Sure just let me finish up whoring out my 14 year old daughter.

Example 2
Jane: hey can i come over to your house in montclair and buy a dub for $5 and stay on your couch for a week?
Rob: sure why not, you should eat all my food and bring criminals over to my house while you're at it.
by chompchompyum May 1, 2011
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"Montclair Status" can be defined in multiple ways:

1. An unfair situation in which you were ripped off/ screwed over and had absolutely no control over.

2. A ridiculously low budget/ beat up piece of matter that obviously needs to be replaced.

3. A huge inconvenience to oneself because of the lack of intelligence in the design of a plan/schedule/system/ect.
Examples: - McEachern Music building is just flat up Montclair Status. - The jail food in Freeman is Montclair Status. - The traffic jam on the Garden State Parkway is Montclair Status. - That bike that is spray painted 3 different colors and has no seat... is Montclair Status. - Being woken up by fire alarms for real fires twice in one week is Montclair Status. - A firetruck taking a half hour to arrive is Montclair Status. - Dry Campus... Montclair Status. - I'm a drummer and need a car to play gigs, can't get a parking permit after I had one last year.... Montclair Status. - Closing down a parking lot in the middle of the year to create a parking deck instead of over the summer in return creating massive havoc in parking.... Montclair Status. - Waiting 30 minutes for an E Route Shuttle Bus... Montclair Status. - A projector that takes 2 minutes to retract into the ceiling in a philosophy class while everybody stares at it in silence. Montclair Status. - Same class, different day. Can hear a truck backing up in the middle of a lecture hall. Montclair Status.
by Remmurd Steab September 23, 2009
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Located in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Usually known for being very dry, boring and taking away any collective train of thought or meaning you had in your life. A place where the human soul goes to die. Most of the inhabitants there are a bunch of selfish, brain dead, egomaniacs. You are more likely to be ran over by someone with tunnel vision than getting shot. Overall pretty quiet place. Though if you are from a city that had actual human beings living inside it then this place will throw you off a bit.
Woman - so where do you stay?
Man - Montclair, California
Woman - where’s that?
Man - it’s in San Bernardino
Woman - where’s that?
Man - sorta next to LA?
Woman - ?
Man - like an hour away, east?

Woman - ooh ok...
by Cat Nipples September 4, 2018
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Cherry Montclair is that bangin bitch stealing perky nana bars from the 7-11 to trade for crack at her boyfriends later.

Heroin chic got nothin' on Cherry dolls LA Stripper vibe, her entire life being a bad fashion moment that for some reason turns you on.

Usually seen in crack dens sitting on the knee of the biggest daddy in the room, think Mickey Rourke on a bad day in cut-off denim shorts and wife-beater, in 40 degree heat and ten days since his last rendezvous with a razor.

Cherry loves frills, shine, gloss and candy floss.

Partial to a slight gag and an angelic tear in the bedroom, Cherry doesn't understand boys, so she hangs out with her Daddy and shoplifts g-bangers at Target.
Hey I heard Cherry Montclair fucked your boyfriend. You must be pissed, that's like the third one of your boyfriends in a row now, do you think maybe she's trying to piss you off?
by Mz. Itz March 31, 2011
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