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A beautiful campus located right outside of NYC in the quaint town of South Orange, NJ. Apart of the Big East Conference so the school as a lot of spirit. Basketball program is great. Wonderful academics and has a pretty good reputation.
Oh I know Seton Hall University, they have that basketball team, right?
by Abd1 March 16, 2017
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A school conveniently located right in the hood. Some people from the hood somehow make it into the school. As a result of its shitty location, the whole school is blocked off from society by a large metal fence, and you have to ID and swipe to do the simplest of actions (like enter the parking lot) and enter your building. Further, you are not allowed to have a car if you are not a commuter or don't have an internship..regardless if you are a senior or freshman.. A lot of the people there are New York/New Jersey rich, snotty kids, so if you're not like that then it is highly suggested not to go to this school. or else you will transfer after one semester, just like yours truly.
non shu student: hey hows Seton Hall University treatin ya?

shu student: it sucks i transferred. when they asked where i said i didn't care as long as i never had to look at south orange, nj again in my life
by Sheriff69 October 19, 2011
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