when a girl,not always blonde acts stupid,or naive sometimes,turning into a stereotypical blonde
Guy:Have you thought about the mysteries in life?

Girl in blonde moment:Yes,like why the orange isn’t an apple.

by foursouls1 April 27, 2009
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A flash of momentary stupidity.
"I had a blonde moment as I attempted to recall what that little boot-shaped country was called."
by Brie October 5, 2003
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when a pretty blonde girl does something steriotypically "blonde" ie: walking into a pole, not getting a joke, or getting it slower than other people, and/or saying lots of "likes" in the same sentence
oh my god, i like totally had a blonde moment, i just tripped over your dog and then i landed on your boyfriends penis...sorry
by E dawg February 16, 2004
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A moment in time were a stupid action is done or a stupid question is asked that only blonde people would do. Blonde moments happen to any one.
Example1: the teacher explains that you have to write what is on the board, and then the teacher asks "Any questions" and a student ask "what do we have to do?"
Example2: a student comes in late then asks "can i go to the bathroom?"
Example3:when you repeat something some one said in class seconds after the person said you just had a blonde moment
by Emir Lopez February 10, 2008
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A societal stereotype is that blondes are less intelgent than average, a blonde moment is an occurance of a blonde person doing or saying somthing stupid.
Buffy asked "where are my keys?" when they were in her hand, a total blonde moment.
by carlbear October 2, 2003
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You ever felt really stupid for an instant? Yeah, that was blonde moment.
Example of a blonde moment:
Jeff: "What station is that?"
Dan: "97.5"
Jeff: "Is that V103?"
by Tha Pyngwyn September 28, 2003
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Something that happens to someone (who is not always blonde) that makes them feel dumb.
Brunette: Could you grab the olive oil for me?

Blonde: ohhhh...olive oil like OLIVES!!! Is olive oil made from olives??!

Brunette: duh. are you retarded?

Blonde: no, that was just a blonde moment.
by Katie C. November 14, 2006
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