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when a girl,not always blonde acts stupid,or naive sometimes,turning into a stereotypical blonde
Guy:Have you thought about the mysteries in life?

Girl in blonde moment:Yes,like why the orange isn’t an apple.

by foursouls1 April 27, 2009

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ipod is a kind of mp3 player,very popular and expensive,has a nice design.It is very small,so it fits in pockets,but it scratches easily.Many people argue about it,but the ipod is just a mp3 player,not stupid,douchy,not the best thing in the world,just a mp3 player.
Idiot:Ipods suck!!!They are expensive and evil!!!

Idiot 2:Noooooo! Ipods are awesome,they are the meaning of life!

Me:To think that they are talking about a mp3 player......
by foursouls1 May 12, 2009

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food that you eat during a date,in order to look cool.Date food does not include KFC,or other sorts of messy fatty food,especially for girls.
Joe:So,how was your date with Sue?

Mark:well,she was hot,but when she started chowing down that pork meat I almost barfed.

Joe:That is nasty!She should have eaten some date food.
by foursouls1 May 23, 2009

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someone,who is simply a waste of air,often very stupid,always tells useless things,who nobody really wants to hear
Guy 1:Here comes the new student.

Guy 2:Yeah,he is such a douche in class.
by foursouls1 April 26, 2009

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1.a type of pizza
2.what you tell to somebody,who does something all of the time
3.a way to write more words on your test,instead of saying "year"
1-I will have a four seasons pizza.How about you?

2-Man,you watch horror movies four seasons a year!

3-The north pole has snow on it during four seasons of the year(really a waste of words)
by foursouls1 April 26, 2009

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a really bad imitation of goth.most "emo" people are posers who only wear pink and black(boys too),and the others cry all the time,not knowing how to deal with their problems.
-Hey guys,look at these new pink skull-shaped earrings!!!Am I emo or what!(poser)
by foursouls1 April 23, 2009

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PHB means penthouse best.It is written on walls by a crew of teenagers,as a graffiti.
Guy:Man,who drew a PHB graffiti on the wall???

Guy 2:Those nine graders from the crew,who else.
by foursouls1 May 06, 2009

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