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A bloint is a small blunt, sometimes there is enough weed for a joint,sometimes there is not, but you roll it up in a philly anyway.
Roll up that bloint! Man thats only enough for a bloint.
by January 04, 2006
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combination of a blunt and a joint. when you roll weed into dutch or philly but only use a small length of the rolling material.
Person1: "Yo, this dutch broke!"
Person2: "Just roll a bloint."
by Double-Arr December 23, 2008
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Rolling an average sized joint, and taking the leaf from a dutch, and wrapping it around the joint.
Hey man, wanna smoke a bloint? All you gotta do is wrap the leaf around that joint!
by Poopsicle1 November 17, 2010
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(n.) A blunt sized joint. usually refered to in fatness not length
Since we only got a gram lets roll a Bloint instead of rolling a few joints
by Blunteeezy July 14, 2008
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Attaching two normal rolling papers together length-wise to make something smaller than a blunt, but larger than a joint. Very good if a blunt is desired, but only rolling papers are availible.
Oh $hit dude; I smoked a whole bloint to my face, now I am so retarded.
by Keith April 02, 2005
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Marijuana rolled in a cigar(blunt) but is small enough to be a joint. Or marijuana rolled in a rolling paper big enough to be a blunt.
Hurry up and blaze those Bloints!!
by THE DON RON August 05, 2003
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