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A bloint is a small blunt, sometimes there is enough weed for a joint,sometimes there is not, but you roll it up in a philly anyway.
Roll up that bloint! Man thats only enough for a bloint.
by January 04, 2006
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combination of a blunt and a joint. when you roll weed into dutch or philly but only use a small length of the rolling material.
Person1: "Yo, this dutch broke!"
Person2: "Just roll a bloint."
by Double-Arr December 23, 2008
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Rolling an average sized joint, and taking the leaf from a dutch, and wrapping it around the joint.
Hey man, wanna smoke a bloint? All you gotta do is wrap the leaf around that joint!
by Poopsicle1 November 17, 2010
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(n.) A blunt sized joint. usually refered to in fatness not length
Since we only got a gram lets roll a Bloint instead of rolling a few joints
by Blunteeezy July 14, 2008
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Attaching two normal rolling papers together length-wise to make something smaller than a blunt, but larger than a joint. Very good if a blunt is desired, but only rolling papers are availible.
Oh $hit dude; I smoked a whole bloint to my face, now I am so retarded.
by Keith April 02, 2005
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Marijuana rolled in a cigar(blunt) but is small enough to be a joint. Or marijuana rolled in a rolling paper big enough to be a blunt.
Hurry up and blaze those Bloints!!
by THE DON RON August 05, 2003
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A bloint is a hybrid between a Blunt and a joint. The crossjoint design is used with a madfattybluntsworth and a joint instead of two joints. A hole is first made through the blunt and then another hole is made through the joint. The joint is then inserted into the blunt in order to create the cross. Only the highest level of smokers have experienced the greatness that is the Bloint
It was another weekend chillin with the DOP, there was madfattybluntsworth all around. The idea was proposed and it was done. History forever remembered the day the Bloint was born into the lives of all of them.
by DasBuskirk December 09, 2010
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