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An attachment made for the end of a BIC lighter used to pack down a bowl. Originates from the actual name brand ASHMASHMER which is said as ASH-MASHER. shmashmer is pronounced as SHMASH-MER. This was found to be an easier way to say the actual name so ashmasher was replaced by shmasher forever in the vernacular of those that blaze the herb.
Me: Hey this bowl has hella ash on top, pass me your shmashmer so I can get a hit

Frankie: Fa Sho homie I got the ninja, black lighter with the black shmashmer.
by DasBuskirk December 05, 2010
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A bloint is a hybrid between a Blunt and a joint. The crossjoint design is used with a madfattybluntsworth and a joint instead of two joints. A hole is first made through the blunt and then another hole is made through the joint. The joint is then inserted into the blunt in order to create the cross. Only the highest level of smokers have experienced the greatness that is the Bloint
It was another weekend chillin with the DOP, there was madfattybluntsworth all around. The idea was proposed and it was done. History forever remembered the day the Bloint was born into the lives of all of them.
by DasBuskirk December 09, 2010
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A confirmation Yomps Yee Fa Show
Me: You wana spark this?
Chris: Forsurezoes!
by DasBuskirk November 18, 2010
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An acronym that stands for Hella Unnecessary Shit; pronounced as HOOS
Me: Did you hear about that girl that got drunk before school and passed out in the bathroom with a knife in her backpack?

Chris: Hahaha ya!!! Coming drunk is one thing but having a knife? Now that's some H.U.S.!

Me: Did you hear about that drunk ass guy that showed up at the party?

Frankie: Ya! He came in talkin all that shit, trying to hit on girls, and falling all over himself. All and all he was just H.U.S.in it



Daniel: Dude u had like ten already, anymore and ur just a HUSer
by DasBuskirk November 18, 2010
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