Short for weblog. Blogs originally had purpose when the few people who had them actually had interesting and/or informative things to say. These blogs still exist, and are quite enjoyable to read, however the advent of blogger.com and livejournal.com has changed this once meaningful application into utter shit, allowing every day idiots to write about how shitty their lives are and why everyone should care.
Good Blog: Informative news, real humor and entertainment. Often build and published by someone with a brain.

Bad Blog: "School sucks", what you had for lunch, why your depressed because your 14 year old boyfriend dumped you and its the end of the world.
by Vladimir June 07, 2005
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Sensationalized minutia.
Uhuh? really? you don't say. Hey you know what? I'd really love to continue reading this blog but, I too, have ridden a bus before and know that George Bush is three monkeys in a man suit. Really? You like Tuna fish and Pink Floyd? I really have to..ok I get it, your boss is a jag, I'm really not..your favorite song..riveting...hey I think I left some of my attention in the car, I'll be right back!
*starts car*
*peels away*
by Lig Na Baste January 07, 2008
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Before it became an internet word, blog was a very strong drink of indeterminate recipe invented by sf fans, worse even than their Nuclear Fizz; like Monty Python’s Australian β€œfighting” wine, it is generally believed that blog is best left in the bottle so it can be used for hitting people over the head with.
He drank a large glass of blog and promptly fell over.
by rich brown August 11, 2004
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an online diary into which emo kids whine about their "horrible" lives.
Emo kid: My life sucks. I hate my parents. First they made me clean my room, and then they wouldn't let me watch TV until I did my homework! I'm going to bitch them out in my blog.
by jack324 January 17, 2007
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