1. n. a web log

2. v. posting to a web log

3. n. an entry within a web log
1. I create a blog to keep a journal of my thoughts.

2. I have to go blog on my thoughts.

3. I wrote a blog about what happened at lunch today.
by Farley Barnhardt February 7, 2008
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small CMS (content management system) for the purpose of easily publishing thoughts, links and information. often used for diary websites and highly irritating to those who cannot read and write properly - but quite an experience for everybody else. if they want to.
take a look at the output at www.weblogs.com oder blogger.com
by Halo February 14, 2004
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n., a rare opportunity to broadcast ones views to the entire world while remaining virtually certain that nobody is listening.
Writing a blog is somewhat like keeping a handwritten diary. It’s just that with diaries, the even the most hopeful author does not daydream or imagine that millions of people are anxiously reading his every word.*

*Except in of course in cases of extreme paranoia.
by Adamc387 November 12, 2006
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just another way for people to hear themselves talk endlessly about crap
i have nothing to do and no one to talk to, I think I'll start a blog
by bethee August 16, 2005
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An online diary/ and or journal. Can be private so it's only viewed by you, friends only so that only a few selected people can read it, or public so anyone who comes across it can read it. A very helpful way to get out emotion and stress and receive loving support - it doesn't matter if you don't know the person. There's always someone who knows exactly what you're going through. A place to make great online friends.
by Corey January 11, 2005
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1.) a web-log.

2.) an online journal used to express or tell of one's feelings, thoughts, recent activities. may be used to communicate with friends or strangers.
Jeremy posted his poetry on his blog to vent his feelings.


Jenny blogged often to complain about her daily annoyances.
by miss.emma July 13, 2005
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n. (short for weblog) 1. summary of webmaster activities in the form of a journal, hosted on a website
2. short writings on the internet of poor quality
"Nobody gives a sweet Christ about your website, let alone your blog"
by IHS December 30, 2002
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