an online diary into which emo kids whine about their "horrible" lives.
Emo kid: My life sucks. I hate my parents. First they made me clean my room, and then they wouldn't let me watch TV until I did my homework! I'm going to bitch them out in my blog.
by jack324 January 17, 2007
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A page on the interweb, regularly updated by someone who, ostensibly, can find nothing better to do with their time.

In the past these were used as a form of diary, where the individual responsible for the blog would bitch about their daily activities. Though often incredibly banal, this could be interesting, in a voyeuristic, and rather unwholesome manner.

The recent trend, however, is for bloggers to merely reproduce news stories that they heard on the mainstream press or other blogs, and either make a brief, badly-informed comment on the story, or link to a brief, badly-informed comment on another blog. This has led to the blogosphere increasingly resembling a gigantic, electric circle jerk.
"I keep up-to-date on the news of the day by reading blogs, all of which are witty and well-informed. (I am number one jerk.)"
by MisterMetternich August 29, 2005
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Once considered an 'online diary', has now become a new trendy word created for use on the internet to try and make something old and established look new and interesting and to make those who use the word seem relevant. What used to be called a forum where topics of the same subject or area of interest were discussed via posts are now called blogs. Those participating in these online discussions are referred to as bloggers and the act of doing so is called blogging. Soon to be replaced by another trendy
A news talkshow host recently states, "In checking out the activity on the blogs, you can see that this election will draw more voters to the polls than any election in decades"
by wherewithal April 18, 2005
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contrary to popular belief a blog is not a web log, nor does it have anything to do with the internet whatsoever. A blog is what lands in the toilet after a night of keystone beer and taco johns.
always remember to flush your blog.
by Plotbert February 01, 2008
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noun: An online journal that can be private, for friends, or for the public. Many times, blogs are part of an online community and can be used to make new friends who share the same interests.

verb: The action of writing in an online journal.
My blog is so much better than writing in a regular journal because I can customize it to suit my personality better.
by Nistha July 19, 2005
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1. n. a web log

2. v. posting to a web log

3. n. an entry within a web log
1. I create a blog to keep a journal of my thoughts.

2. I have to go blog on my thoughts.

3. I wrote a blog about what happened at lunch today.
by Farley Barnhardt February 07, 2008
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small CMS (content management system) for the purpose of easily publishing thoughts, links and information. often used for diary websites and highly irritating to those who cannot read and write properly - but quite an experience for everybody else. if they want to.
take a look at the output at www.weblogs.com oder blogger.com
by Halo February 14, 2004
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