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when one spits on a rainy day and the spit hits the puddleand makes a splash.
'WoW MaN! that loggie was a splasher for sure'
by bEATLe_PauL June 18, 2005
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One of the most influential director/producers in history by helping create master pieces such as The Indiana Jones Series, Back to the Future, The Jurasic Park Set, E.T., All the 'Jaws' too.

Credited with two Best Director, Acadamy Awards for films: Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan.
I watched The Terminal last night, it was really fucking good.
by bEATLe_PauL June 7, 2005
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when you need to piss so bad that when you flop it out you just let it rip and there is no time to pull up the middle seat and the drops hit the middle seat and they stick together.
"FUCK! someone left stick drops all over here im not sitting on that seat!"
by bEATLe_PauL June 18, 2005
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geoffro: my thingamabobby is 12".
by bEATLe_PauL July 4, 2005
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Arguably the greatest rock album ever, it changed music forever. Taking 129 days to record only 13 tracks. Released in June 1967. It won numerous Grammy's that year including album of the year. Paul McCartney wrote most of the songs on the album. The hits include 'Sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band', 'With a little help from my friends', 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' or 'A day in the life'. But really all 13 tracks are excellent.
Turn Sgt. Pepper's up!!! I love this wack crap.
by bEATLe_PauL June 2, 2005
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The record company that produced record for the greatest band ever, The Beatles.
Fuck, parlophone must have made lots of dough on Sgt. Peppers.
by bEATLe_PauL June 3, 2005
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awesome type of dress code and or vehicle, many old skool clothes are found in rubbish bins or similar op shops.
Holy shit, Ben that tweed jacket is sooooooo old skool.

yo wat up dawg, them lasses is chekin us out and they would look mighty fine in da bak of my old skool caddie!

btw a wadsie said that last one
by bEATLe_PauL June 1, 2005
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