they just gay
hey do you know were ._.amity._.blight is?

Yes there kn there room simping for people who don't exist
by wait what??? They/you July 3, 2021
arwen’s wife. the best person to ever exist in the world. just perfection.
amity blight is the best
by arwenblightlolz July 23, 2021

The eyesore of sprawling stucco covered strip malls, big box stores, and McMansions which eat up open space land.
"That used to be a great spot to go for a nature hike, till last year when the Suburban Blight rolled through and left acres of parking lot, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and crap chain restaurants in its wake."
by MuddyRunnerGirl March 9, 2009
amity blights hot sister
her and edric will make you bi panic
Person 1: holy shit.. emira blight from the owl house is really *starts growling*
Person 2: ikr
by gabe-itch69420 June 14, 2021
The minority locusts that infiltrate once nice neighborhoods. They turn them into the equivalent of a 3rd world shithole complete with robberies, rapes, murders and drive by shootings.
I see that the urban blight has infiltrated the west side, judging from the bass laden music and incidence of drive by shootings.
by Terrible T November 28, 2011
Amity Blight's brother from the show The Owl House, he is Emira Blight's twin, both causing everyones bi panic.
person 1: what are your thoughts on Edric Blight
person 2: hot
by milkcartonofdespair July 24, 2021
Brother... Don't do it. Don't get Seminal Blight.
"I didn't say "Oooo Spooky," and now I don't feel so good..." Seminal Blight, Chapter 69.
by The butter man January 14, 2020