Word used when Stewie in family guy gets mad
What did you say! Oh blast you stupid bitch
by Lbshwjwk June 10, 2019
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v. to vomit. usually as a result of drinking too much in one sitting, though blast can be used freely as a synonym for vomit.

n. vomit
Dude, I you're so wasted. You just blasted all over the hood of that Caddy.
by doppler May 12, 2004
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Blast from the Past is not a "recruiting station for faggots of churchill". It is actually a group of talented students coming together through music to give our school something to be pround of. Don't enjoy it? Don't come. We dont give a shit. As for the director being gay? Why should that matter? Still bitter he turned you down? Honestly, are u surprised? You ugly piece of shit. Overpriced? Maybe a little but ur from potomac what are u complaining about? Obviously whoever wrote the previous definition of Blast is a huge douche bag with no friends and alot of free time on their hands. Blast is the shit, and dont you forget it.
Girl 1- Wow those guys sitting infront of us during "Blast" that were making fun of it the whole time were such assholes.
Girl 2- They're probably just jealous since most of the guys in Blast actually get ass, unlike themselves.
Girl 1-Haha TOTALLY
by BlastDiva05 April 08, 2005
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Randolph looks like he took a blast, his hair is standing on end.
by Ivan Maskov November 20, 2016
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another name for having to take a violent poop
all that peanut butter i ate gave me the blasts
by Brian November 29, 2003
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