a major character in the orginal trilogy of star wars. known for rescuing luke skywalker during the battle of yavin, being frozen in carbonite and delivered to jabba the hutt by boba fett, his various famous lines and his overal cocky, kickass attitude.
" i love you "
" i know "

" hey... it's me "

" you're all clear kid, now let's blow this thing and go home "
by Janet Weiss April 15, 2004
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When someone says they love you and you say "I know". (recommend walking away right away)
Girl: Babe I love you

You: I know

Friend: So Han Soloed! Ha!
by Tervis March 23, 2014
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The act of going out by one's self. No witness. The best nights are often when one goes out Han, because you are Solo.
You met that girl at 1Oak last night? She is still wearing your shirt! Wait, how did you get in? Ah..easier to get in going Han Solo!
by That R0nald! September 19, 2017
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by yourself masterbate
"hey did you get any action this week?" " no, hans solo" weekend"
by Robert Geary July 18, 2006
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The act of telling your special someone "I love you", and receiving in return "I, know" usually followed by a smile or smirk.
Steve: "honey, I love you."

Jenny: "I know" (followed by a smile or smirk)

Steve: (thoughts to self) "damn I've just been Han Solo (ed)."
by Thevodkaboy April 21, 2011
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Similar to the Clint Eastwood, this sexual pleasuring maneuver is a fusion of the Clint Eastwood and The Shocker. While extending your pointer, middle, and pinkie fingers, you pull back your ring finger and point up your thumb. This makes your hand look like a photon laser. Then proceed to insert your pointer and middle fingers into your partner's vagina, pinkie in your partner's anus, and stimulate the clitoris with your thumb. It is quite possibly the single most quintessential maneuver for ultimate pleasure. After your partner reaches an orgasm and says "I love you," you must simply respond with "I know."
You don't need the force to pleasure your woman, you need the "Han Solo"
by comediekid February 6, 2009
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Harrison ford's character in star wars. Pretty badass
Han: It's just a dead animal Chewie.
by mephisto June 2, 2003
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