Someone who blames everything on something all the time.
"I blame Tom."
"Wow, you're such a blamer!"
by Jockey Strap September 11, 2009
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A supporter of President Barrack Obama that defends him by saying President George Bush implemented policies and caused conditions that have ruined Obama's presidency and therefore President Obama cannot be held responsible for at election time or any time.
A Blamer on a social media site said: Frankly I'm more disillusioned with the President who CREATED the problems, than the one who inherited them. (Do a little research on Bush's unprecedented support of American oil company profiteering).
by SnoHoCo February 29, 2012
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The kid on any type of online game that doesn't get any kills or dies more times than he gets kills (terrible kill to death ratio) because of 'the lag'. There is usually no lag and the person playing is usually a lier to make him sound better at the game.
"anyone one else seein' this lag?"

"no, my connection seems to be okay."

"must be my connection because i went 2 to 12"

"your such a lag-blamer"
by throwitontheground November 25, 2009
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Someone who blames the patriarchy; a feminist.
"It was great to meet other patriarchy-blamers at the feminist gathering!"
by Susie Halvarson October 17, 2006
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Many Americans, particularly Republicans, are angry with President Obama they seem to have forgotten that the Bush Administration caused the serious and continuing problems facing this country and the world (see Bushnesiacs.) Bush43 ruined the American economy and kicked off a world-wide recession and destroyed our image in the global community. Now as President Obama tries to repair the damage Bush caused, fuckwits across America are blaming him for the Bush Depression and the hugh national debt. WAKE UP YOU MORONS! The sad state of our nation is not Obama's fault he is trying to fix it!
There is nothing in the world more annoying than an Obama Blamer! Blaming Obama for the Bush economy is like blaming a fire fighter for burning your house down!
by Charles_U_Farley July 13, 2010
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tune blamers are parents who blame the music that their kids listen to for all their kids' problems, when, in reality, it is, in fact, their fault. they often choose to victimize marilyn manson with their pathetic claims.
my mom is a tune blamer. it is all her fault, though. all parents are tune blamers.
by marilyn_manson_lover April 23, 2007
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1. Someone who gets served up some piping-hot ass whupping in a video game and blames the game for getting served.
1. "Why can't I score? This game is cheatin! Restart!"

"Stop being a Game blamer and get served."
by Desmond Shoals April 09, 2008
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