John: I like you!
Bob: You lie!! Lier!!
John: It's liar dipshit.
Bob: :O
by LornaPie October 13, 2005
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The correct spelling of liar, but usually people use the word liar instead of lier because liar sounds better in pronounciation
by Billiam Beaver July 5, 2016
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(noun) : slang for Chevrolet Cavalier. This coupe is widely considered the coolest automobile on the market.
"WOW did you see that?"
"A blue 'lier just passed us!"
"No way, that kid must be so sweet"
by CRU55 August 2, 2016
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People who tell you one thing but it comes out to be the opposite, or nothing like the truth!, They should'nt be trusted and they obviously dont want to tell you the truth. Therefore, the worst people ever!!
"Im going to the park", said Jenny. Only to have Oliver to go there and finds that she is with her boyfriend at his house.

"I'll be at the mall, mom!", screamed Kim.
To pick her up later, her mom went to the mall, to find out that on the way there, she saw Kim at the entrance to the bar.

Jenny and Kim are Liers!
by Buster09 July 20, 2009
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The evil(demon) form of Christamyers shes an entirely diffrent person than Christa she is slightly a social manipulater she lures U into a false SENCE of security than try's to get U to trust her so she can make u do things to others, and she hates people messing with her name.
Liers is a demon social manipulater
by Christamyers_12 February 19, 2017
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What you say to someone when you think there telling the truth.
Jimmy said he wasn't cheating on julie.

She messaged him saying he was a lier.
by Jmcphee. August 14, 2011
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