A term to describe a person who commits the act of bootlicking. The act of bootlicking is when an oppressed person or persons, such as the working class, sucks up to the oppressor in hopes of appeasing them.

The reason it is referred to at "bootlicking" is because the oppressor metaphorically has a boot over the face or neck of the oppressed, suffocating them, and the oppressed licks it in an attempt to dissuade the oppressor.
"Elon Musk is just a cool rich guy who worked really hard for his money because he's a super big brain mega genius! He's not an exploiter of the working class! Did I mention I make 8 dollars an hour for a 7 hour shift with no benefits?"

"David you are a bootlicker"
by I'm so factual April 22, 2021
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In modern Marxist terms, a defender of free-market capitalism. A proletariat that licks the oppressive boots of the bourgeois in an attempt to gain their favor and excel in life, rather than rising up against them.
You know you're a bootlicker if you are making minimum wage and support tax cuts for the rich, hoping that one day that money will trickle down off their boots into your open mouth.
by MattTheCricketBat October 07, 2018
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A word which originally meant "someone who praises or sucks up to an oppressor" - now it has been repurposed by idiotic ACAB supporters and dirty communists to mean "anyone I disagree with".
Normal Person: I don't think all cops are bad tbh, saying all cops are bad for the actions of a few is like saying all black people are criminals because a few of them smoke weed and rob stores.

Stupid Cunt: hOWS tHaT bOoT tAstE bOoTlicKer?!?
by 121gws January 09, 2021
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Term used by redditors any time somebody shows the smallest amount of support for something they don’t like
Person1: “Yeah I think Fortnite is ok”
by Randomperson369 February 20, 2020
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A common insult, used by those on the libertarian side of the political compass, to describe authoritarians.
Authright person: we need the government to restrict the power of the people.

Libright person: whatever bootlicker!

Authleft person: the means of production should be in the hands of the government so that they may distribute it to the people at there discretion.

Libleft person: shut up bootlicker before i stomp your face into the pavement!
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(N) 1 a: A person whose social function is to clean the boots of others with his/her tongue. b: A derogatory colloquialism, an insult.

1. (a) The sudden spread of bubonic plague in 1348-1354 hit Europe's native Bootlicker population especially hard.

2. (b) The Architect acts like a complete bootlicker.
by Pharaoh August 18, 2004
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A term that "oppressed" people use -- who are often lazy, stupid, failures -- to counter someone who presents a logical argument against their nonsensical opinion.

In the user's mind, it's meant to be synonymic with "slave," "coward," or perhaps "pussy."

They often claim the person to which it's used against is a conformist and doesn't care about the struggles of others when, in fact, they understand entirely.

Those who the term "bootlicker" is used against often exercise reasonable, logical thinking while the user allows useless emotions to fill the empty space between their ears.
"You support the police? Man, you're such a fucking bootlicker!" -Simplistic People
by Crim91 June 12, 2020
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