someone who dresses without wearing bright colors.
friend 1: "dude that Mary girl is such a blaker!"
friend 2: " omg I know, I just wanna throw lime green paint at her."
by annieyersoamazing January 19, 2008
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a bloke that has the ability to warm female oven to temputure while meeting it at the correct preheated time. Often the oven shuts off, or oven overheats.

In such cases overheating leads to the female oven to seek other means of cock to complete tasks that are in need to preform

OR the oven overheats to such an extent that plastic in near vicinity will begin the melt and form casts upon any cross hairs. Some many presume that emotional outbreaks soon follow for the female whom is attached to overheated oven, but in the case of a true Blaker, the process to obtain 'pleasurable' sexual interactions has been drawn out for an extreme extended period of time, fussing with nobs to trigger reactions of the surrounding environment of the targeted oven resulting to both increasing the heating the female as it begins provoking other males and cocks to begin an apish chest pounds to sign for a game of chicken where none begin to move toward the heating oven, rather ass grabs to this rioting group of erect penises,further isolating the female from both sexes.

The female often resorts extreme measures to reverse the effects, few lucky for neutralized sources.

In many cases of this act is multi- year, city, country, continent "blaker" with the sideeffects so damaging with limited ability to repair. Worst case, she becomes merely a framed outer case, penalizing actions and ablitiy happy and productive life, in sort a mash up of hollywood's sweethearts & music muses, but just fuze
"My mother worries that my new girlfriend has been on his blaker for too long she no longer any good. Not even to provide simple tasks"

"If you start the blaker bro, you better be aware of the ghost in this town. False plays, innocent or not, will be recieved harshly"
by NonArt November 25, 2013
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