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The act of removing the penis from ones pantaloons and recieve a hearty laugh from the sexual accomplice. You then become quite enraged and punch the woman in the face then fucking her rectal cavity brutally until you hit the poo nerve, causing her to shit ferociously all over the male erectus. The constant flow of fecal matter causes the woman to lose conciousness due to a mass body fluid loss, to which you shit in her unconciouss mouth and fuck it some more until you blow your load in to her mouth orfice. Afterwards you tie her upside down to the fridge and drink the thick liquids that are expelled from her mouth. You then sew her mouth shut and poo on her face so she vomits and suffocates. You then fuck her dead body some more and then torch all evidence of the delicious occasion and then admit yourself into a mental institution where you undertake all previous steps on a psycho dilusional fuck who has no idea what is happening :D
OMG Guys did you hear about what happened on the weekend. Police say someone gave some biddy the angry blaker. That shit was literally fucked up.. *Holds Boner

Did you hear about Archie? he totally gave the angry blaker to some chick in his ute.
by Radcool November 08, 2010
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