Short for uterus. A derogatory term for describing a woman, as it implies that her only useful purpose is producing offspring.
Jane's only talent is having kids. She's a real ute.
by Jake in NYC January 11, 2006
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ute (yoot or oot) 1. lame way of referring to kids or youth, usually used by kooks.

2. mating call of a pregnant yak.

3. the sound an old worn out car makes just before it dies.

Kook: "See that ute over there, skating the pool? I've known him since he was a little ute."

Other kook: "Wow. You are so impressive with your wordy sentences."
by name witheld October 29, 2005
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Under The Skin. Used as a replacement name for someone who is often annoying or has annoying tendencies.
Lloyd is often annoying or does annoying things!. He can now be called UTS instead of his real name until he no longer gets under your skin.
by Jon_Gus March 17, 2006
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UTS is the University of Technology, Sydney - not to be mistaken for the University of Sydney. UTS is known for a few things, including:

1. Being a University without an Arts department, putting all liberal arts subjects under the banner of 'Communications' because that's more technology-centric.

2. The chant 'S.L.U.T.S' which stands for 'The Student League of UTS' - an organisation that was eventually removed by the union due to the chant.

3. Having enough breaks in every Engineering lecture so that the engineers have time to go the bar and get another drink.

4. A complete lack of internet and/or phone reception in the entire campus.

5. The Tower Building - the ugliest building in Sydney.
UTS Engineering Student 1: "I was too drunk to find the University this morning - I ended up at Haymarket campus by mistake"
UTS Engineering Student 2: "I hate it when that happens. Normally I just look for the Tower Building and use it as a beacon"
UTS Engineering Student 1: "Yeah, but it hurts my eyes"
by SykeKat May 29, 2011
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Unix Time Stamp, the time keeping system to replace our current calendars. Based solely on the SI unit of time, the second, it originated from Unix based operating system to avoid having to use an unnecessary amount of units for the same measurement (i.e. time). Its epoch starts on the 1970 January 1.
The 2017-01-01T00:00:00Z new year is just an arguably too recurrent milestone in the flawed Gregorian calendar and is nothing special in Unix time, but whatevs happy 1 483 228 800 UTS!
by Braŭljo January 1, 2017
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