Awe-inspiringly clueless gall or chutzpah. An action or utterance that appears to come from an outrageous ego coupled with a breathtaking sense of entitlement combined with complete lack of awareness.

People can show chutzpah consciously. People can "have the nerve" to do something while knowing they're taking a chance. But to show *real* blagojevich, someone almost has to have the blindly arrogant self-confidence that comes from really believing they're right, and having no clue that they might be mistaken.
The canonical example is former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who was arrested and impeached after recordings of him were made public, in which he discussed his desire to get money, jobs, or other favors in exchange for appointing someone to a vacant Senate seat, and angrily swore at those who expected him to "give away" the appointment for nothing.

Despite this, he had the blagojevich to compare himself to Ghandi, his arrest to Pearl Harbor, and to say that it was "an honor to fall on principle on behalf of the people."


Not only did he never tell me that he'd tested positive before we had sex... but now he's suing me for harassment telling other people about it!

Wow, the blagojevich of that man!
by my name is Cos February 3, 2009
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Pronounced bluh-goy-uh-vich, this term (due to its unusual syllabic structure and the overall enjoyment one has in speaking it)is commonly used to break an awkward silence or as a random interjection in conversation.

Origin is likely from the name of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.
"So the classical dichotomy of this rarely understood subjunctive can be best expressed (colloquially, of course) as--"
by John Flanagin October 31, 2007
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Just another corrupt governor from Illinois, which thinks that most people from Illinois are just stupid *!@#&*!@ idiots that keep on !@#*!@#!@#ing electing him.

A vain governor, known to erect signs of "Rod Blagojevich, governor" over the Illinois Tollway system. Was inspired by his German Shepherd dog which urinated on the neighbor's trees, thus marking its territory.

Blago's hairdo usually covers his "to-do" list. Most of his corrupt evidence, including the desire to force children from some Children's Hospital to pay to play so they can get their life-saving heart transplant. But according to Blagojevich, those little !*&@#&($#% should suffer if they don't pay him.

The very same governor put signs over patches of weeds in honor of his, gawd-all-mighty spoiled as hell, soccer mom bitch, Patti Blagojevich.

Not to be confused with Weird Al Yancovich which has more character and a better hairdo.
Dan: Blagojevich is my governor
Rob: Ummm.... Blago... blago... jev... yavi... ich
Dan: Yeah... well did you hear some kid had to pour out his last savings to get his life back?
Rob: Yeah... he died because he was missing 2 pennies.
Dan: Damn bastard!
by Danno79 January 12, 2009
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n. the tufts of hair that protrude from the side or top of a woman's bikini bottom or panties to the degree that's as obscene as the beaver pelt worn on the head of the former Illinois governor. Can be shortened in some circumstances to "blago".
Baby, tuck away that blagojevich or we can't go to the beach.

Geeze, that girl's got a major-league "blago" going on down there.
by MauiSteve February 3, 2009
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Adj.: To be so intoxicated as to consider selling the senate seat of the president-elect.
Kevin was so Blagojeviched last night, he went nuts and smashed two windows.

Dan: "Anna had twelve Gin and Tonics."
Steve: "Anna, are you Blagojeviched?"

"Dude, I was so fucking Blagojeviched last night that I was up until 5 AM shuking my guts out on the bathroom floor."
by Russian Steve. August 20, 2011
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1. a scandalous person
2. to damage or cheapen
3. selling ones senate seat.... which is ILLEGAL!
senator Blagojevich had been Blagojeviching the seat of senator Obama
by AAAAAAZZZZZZ January 10, 2009
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A ridiculous haircut, outdated and covers the entire forehead - not unlike a band member of the Beatles. Fashioned after the mane of the infamous impeached Illinois senator, Rod Blagojevich. Often popular with early 1980's game show hosts.
"Man, I have seen some shitty haircuts in my day, bowlcuts, the TRUMP, the Pete Rose, but that fucking Blagojevich takes the cake!"

"You didn't pay your barber to give that Blagojevich, did you?"

"I can't figure out how to describe your lack of a haircut, it looks like Eric Foreman for that 70's show, a quarter inch more and you will be in Blagojevich territory

by Grepdogg1 February 20, 2009
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