the way paul got that traffic-cop to believe he didn't kill jack with jack's body in the trunk, talk about chutzpah!
by sum guy January 28, 2003
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bloody cheek with a real nerve
a man is up in court for killing his mother and father ... he pleads to the court for leniency ... because he is an orphan ... now that's a chutzpah
by Alphasilk March 18, 2005
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boldness, especially of an arrogant sort (From Hebrew and/or Yiddish)
That artist had some major chutzpah to come up with a design like that.
by The Return of Light Joker November 3, 2010
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n. irrepressible gall, e.g., that exhibited by one who would dream of owning the intellectual property rights to the contents of own ungiven eulogy.
That's quite a big chutzpah you've in your trunk dere.
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Bill Pullman as James Bond! What's not to love? I give this film a "6" just for chutzpah.
by Merab October 25, 2003
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like there is a curse word for women

similarly chutzpah is a word for men i.e dadfucker
chutz means fucker and pah means dad
you chutzpah!!
by December 3, 2020
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An essential quality that 99/100 voles lack.

Other skills that voles fall behind in include lacklustre organisation skills and abysmal timekeeping.
"You've vole got no Chutzpah. Your organisation skills are lacklustre and your timekeeping is abysmal."
by Little A. Horne August 12, 2021
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