the hair surrounding a girl's pussy, though there doesn't have to be a lot of it; often a nice trimmed bush can be classified as a pelt.
I love to brush Holly's soft pelt gently with my face and lips before giving her the full tongue treatment, this gets her all hot and wet so she'll be ready when I dive in for the kill!
by Hipster August 21, 2007
stalking / getting stalked by someone you barely know via Phone, Email, LinkedIn, & Twitter all in a short period of time.
Dude, that chick I met at the bar last weekend has been pelting me all week! She needs to creep it down a notch!
by CHIIIIIIP! April 22, 2011
refers to the female pubic hair, esp. in abundance and in need of a desperate trim.
My girlfriend is sporting quite the nest of tousled fur down there these days. I prefer a neatly trimmed pelt of silky, nexus-conditioned hair...if any at all.
by weave April 3, 2003
Brittany: John totally pelted me last night.
Rachel: Oh i thought you went shopping.
Brittany: Way better than that.
by supekr August 27, 2006
to get hit by something or punched by someone.
tom pelted brad fo not shutting up.
by tory berrett June 13, 2003
A retail customer who has no intention of making a purchase. They enjoy wasting the time of a commissioned salesperson, thus preventing the salesperson from spending time with an actual customer who intends on making a purchase.
I spent two hours with that guy and he wanted to test drive four different cars. At the end, he tells me he is a week into a five year lease and is only here because his wife is at the mall. What a pelt!
by Ronnie Crockett October 22, 2015