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I can't believe Kevin had the gall to put on that Jack Johnson cd. What a faggot.
by Deeeznuts April 09, 2007
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A middleground of saying someone 'has balls' and 'has the gall' to do something.
Noun: galls; used when one is reputed for doing risky things
Adjective: gallsy; used when one is doing something risky
"Man, he has galls to have done all that"

"She's gallsy to be doing that"
by gino_j14 April 14, 2008
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Gall is used as a nickname for anyone one with the surname Gallagher. People with this nickname are usually hipsters and are into hentai and anime. Altough not sporty they can be seen walking but prefer to spend time playing games in a dark room. They also are know for their bed skills and licking out abilities.
1) Stephen: Hey gall what did you do yesterday?

Gall: I was playing on my PS4 and then i watched Death note.
2) Thomas: I seen you walking near Brians house last night .

Gall: yeah i was in pounding his mom and i licked her out then went on a walk lol
by Marion O'Donnell July 04, 2016
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