normal person: dude, why do these movies and shows keep blackwashing white characters and historical figures?
commie SJW: because white people are evil and their culture and history must be destroyed.
by elessal August 22, 2020
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The opposite of whitewashing; pretending or otherwise revising the historical fact of a scenario in such a way as to demonize all involved parties and lionize any affected persons in a way that contradicts the reality of the situation.
Many people who want to have "Columbus Day" changed to "Native American Day" are guilty of blackwashing: they pretend Native Americans never lifted a finger against Europeans.
by ERU1492 October 21, 2015
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something white people use so they dont feel bad about whitewashing things
“insert whiteskinned anime character was blackwashed!”
another example: “i dont see why u can blackwashing something and its okay but when we whitewash its a problem”
by inori <3 September 22, 2021
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It is never okay to wash any color to your ideal standards. No matter if its yellow,white,black,red etc. It is a negative word and can be seen racist in other race,country.
Its still have the same concept as whitewwashing, yellowashing etc
blackwashing may exist in western countries it does not exist in Asian countries due to the different culture,tradition and history.
by Fact-Checker February 28, 2021
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some stupid ass shit that doesn't exist. it's a word you won't see outside of tiktok because it simply doesn't exist. somebody took the white in white washing and replaced it with black and thought they did something.
"that's blackwashing"
"you sound dumb as shit."
by i.c.e_ September 21, 2021
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p1 yo why this ngga blackwashing my favorite anime character ain’t she japanese/white

p2 shut ur ass up they blasian black washing don’t exist yall just made it up when we started to make blasian characters for more rep cuz we have barely any
by seafairymid December 04, 2021
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blackwashing is a word that is the opposite of whitewashing; turning a (usually white) persons skin to black. people who use the term are racists and the term doesnt make sense, because white people are viewed better by society so some people draw black characters white and wash their skin to white to appeal to a white audience. (which is wrong) black people are not the oppressors, and you dont wash white people to black. blackwashing is not real, your just mad we made ur faves black 😛
Person 1: stop blackwashing miku she isnt black!!

Person 2: blackwashing isnt real bitch
by strawberryghost September 05, 2021
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